Under an Oak Tree

Who would know love will spark here, on the street where I grew up. But then again, I never predicted I would ever fall in love. Not now, not ever.


2. Boredom

This is just lame. Here I am, standing in a hall full of adults and barely any teenagers my age, but I had no intention of walking up to strangers and introducing myself. By the way, it's a charity event, for cancer or something like that. My Mum help plan it, so she got two free tickets, so she brought me. Damn it! Why did Dad have to work late tonight of all nights. Mum stood there in glory, soaking it all in.
"Magnificent!" she announced to herself, but then turned to me and tutted. "You could try and enjoy yourself a little Alison," she spoke through a constant smile, which was kinda creepy.
"And exactly how am I supposed to do that?" I inquired. Hand on my hip, the other hanging at my waist.
"Come with me, I have someone I want you to meet," she rushed while seizing my wrist and leading me through the crowd of people.


"You know the house next to us is for sale?" she asked as if it was a guessing game for a child.
"Duh, how couldn't I?" I spat. I didn't much like being treated like a child, actually, not at all.
"Well, one of my oldest friends has decided to move in there," she chirped. Obviously excited about the idea of it, I just shook at the idea. Well that's going to mean that there's going to be people in our house quite a lot then. Great, not! We finally came to a couple leaning against the wall furthest from the entrance.
"How is that going to affect me?" she quickly let go of my wrist and smiled at me. I hate it when she does that, but she walked closer to the couple and started smiling like an idiot. I did feel sorry for her a little bit, all her friends lived miles away. I guess I can put up with one couple, I'll live.


"Helen!" she woman almost shouted. I recognised the woman, she was one of Mum's college friends. She had platinum blonde hair which curved around her round face, but then led off to end at her shoulders. Her eyes are dull green, with a hint of grey. Her make-up wasn't that casual, more dressy. A light blue eye-shadow, pale foundation by the looks of it, and bright red lipstick. Which I'm guessing she did to match the red dress she was wearing, which surprisingly, I liked.
“Marie!” my replied rather loudly. If I remember, she was a part French, but she didn't have accent since she was raised in England. “How was packing?” she asked, maybe trying to start a conversation. I just stood a metre or so away, awkwardly.
“It's been fine, everything is in boxed, just need to hire a lorry and get it down here.”


Marie then caught the sight of me in the corner of her eye, she smiled and began walking up to me.
“Alison! Oh, you have grown into such a wonderful young lady!” she almost sung. She looked at my make-up and laughed, “Your mother put this on didn't she?” she spoke quietly while leaning in closer. I sheepishly nodded, and tucked the loose strand of hair behind my ear. She took back her personal space, but then examined my hair. “Red, a very good hair coloured, it sort of goes with your eyes. Red and grey, like fire and ash. Very nice.”


She then led me back to my Mother and her husband. I remember him too, but he did look different. Before, he has chocolate brown hair, but now the coloured has began to fade, occasional strands of grey hair stood out amongst the dull brown. His eyes were bright blue, like the ocean. I've always wanted blue eyes, but I got stuck with grey ones. Which is alright I guess, I could of gotten yellow or brown, that wouldn't be good. I don't know why, I just particularly like the idea of me with brown eyes, it's weird. As for his outfit, he was the not so casual, not so formal black trousers, blue button up men's blouse, and a black jacket. But no tie. Odd.



My Mum rotated to me on her heels, and smiled. She's doing it too often now, it's just weird.
“I forgot, I wanted to introduce you to someone,” she then whispered something in Marie's ear and she nodded with a chuckle of amusement in her throat. She then skipped off, I've never quite understood how some women can skip or even run in heels. It's quite ridiculous.
“Where is she going?” I had to ask, since I was the one getting introduced to them. I think. I bet it's going to be another one of my Mum's friends. Oh God I hope it's not!
“You'll see,” Mum replied while she tiptoed trying to see where Marie was going. I wasn't the slightest be interested. I don't want to get tangled in my Mum's social life, last thing I want to get involved in.


I just stood in the corner behind Mum, arms crossed, not at all happy I was here to start with. This is just complete boredom, full stop. I just leant my head lightly back against the wall, and breathed deeply. Just calm down, it will be over soon enough. Then you can go home, and sleep. Then wake up, probably forgetting all about tonight, and sit under the Oak tree. Sounds like a plan. A good one with my way of thinking too. Soon I heard Marie's high heels clopping closer, each step was like a blow to my head. My ears are really sensitive for some strange reason. Oh well. I tipped my head forward, but was soon almost pushed forward by my Mum.
“Jesus Christ Mum!” I almost screamed. But then my eyes met a boy.

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