Summer Love

When Katie and her family goes to the beach for the summer, she meets 5 guys that are so attractive! They all end up and be best friends and one of the guys fall in love with Katie but which one?

**One Direction is not famous in this**


5. My Best Friends and Boyfriend

I couldn't believe my best friend loved me! I secretly like him for a few years before I moved but when I found out he liked me back I couldn't help but feel happy!

"Katie? What should we do tomorrow?" Harry asked.

"I don't know because there's not a lot to do here," I replied.

"You're 18 right?" 

"Yeah why?" 

"Because we could get matching tattoos!" 

"Not tomorrow! Maybe at the end of the summer! They could remind us of this summer!" I exclaimed.

"That sounds like a better plan love," he smiled. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30. "I heard there's going to be fireworks on the beach tonight!" He told me. 

"Oh my god! I have a brilliant plan and Louis and Liam are going to love this!" I said whilst running out of the room. "Louis! Liam! I have a plan!" 

"What's your plan?" Louis asked.

"Okay, there's going to be fireworks tonight on the beach so I was thinking that we go surfing and when the fireworks go off... We just sit on our boards and just watch them!" I exclaimed.

"I love that plan!" Liam replied. 

"Okay! So they're going off around 9:00 so I think we should go to the party store and get glow sticks and then we can decorate out boards and wear them while we surf!"  I suggested. They all agreed and then we left for the party store.

"So you and Harry?" Louis looked at me from the passenger seat. Liam was driving and I was in the back. 

"Yeah! I mean, I felt bad that it didn't work out between me and Zayn but I'm happy it worked out between me and Harry!" I said. 

"Well I'm glad because it seemed like Zayn and you weren't that into each other," Louis told me. 

"I totally agree. It didn't feel right but when I'm with Harry, it just feels right and that it's meant to be. Maybe it's because he's been my best friend for years," I replied.

"Yeah you're right," Louis agreed. When we got to the party store; we parked the car, got a cart, and then went straight to the glow sticks.

"Does Harry surf?" I asked.

"We all do except Zayn but Lou and I surf the most," Liam replied.

"Did they all bring their boards?"

"I think so... Zayn wants to learn how but we never taught him yet," Louis replied with a laugh. We got a billion packs of glow sticks; okay maybe 10 huge tubes with about 70 glow necklaces in it but you get the point. Then we went to the duct tape and got pink zebra tape, blue duct tape, and green zebra duct tape. After that we went to the register and the total came out to be $40.00 so the 3 of us split it. When we went into the parking lot getting ready to load the car, I tripped.

"Ow!" I exclaimed.

"Katie?! Are you alright?" Liam asked whilst helping me up.

"Yeah, just scraped my hands and knees. I always fall so it's nothing new," I replied with a forced laugh. To be honest, I think I landed on my left wrist weird and it hurt like hell. I didn't even realize that I was cradling it against my chest.

"You're lying," Lou pointed out.

"I just landed it on it funny. I'll be fine by night fall," I replied. I got in the car because the boys already finished loading it up. 

"Are you sure going to be okay?" Liam asked from the driver's seat. 

"I'm fine and if you're wondering if I'm going to be okay for surfing later, I'll be okay... I don't care if I'm in a cast. I'll still be surfing!" I replied with a laugh. We pulled into the drive way and it was around 6:45. We quickly got our boards and started decorating them along with Harry and Niall. 

"These are going to look amazing!" Niall exclaimed. I had just finished putting the glow sticks on and then I was putting the pink zebra duct tape to secure it. It was looking sharp and  I was so happy the sun was starting to set! By the time all of our boards were done it was around 8:00. Zayn joined us and helped with the boards. 

"I'll be right back guys. I'm going to change into my bathing suit," I told them.

"Okay love. Do you want me to come with you?" Harry asked.

"I don't care. You can of you want to," I replied whilst getting up. Harry followed me up the stairs and into my room. "What should I wear?" I asked him.

"This one," he replied while holding up my hot pink string bikini with black lace designs. It looked like really lace but it was just an overlay. I grabbed it from him and walking into my bathroom and changed. When I was done, I walked out and threw a long over-sized t-shirt on then followed Harry down the stairs. 

"The fireworks are starting at 9:30. It's 8:15 now so do you want to start surfing?" Niall asked.

"Duh! Lets go!" I exclaimed. I ripped my shirt off and threw it with the guys shirts. I then grabbed my board and sprinted towards the ocean. The water soaked my toes and then it reached my knees, then hips, and then I was searching for a perfect wave. I saw on forming in the back and I had a feeling that it was going to be good so I started paddling towards it. It started to get huge and then I spun my boards around and the wave was right near me so I stood up and I took the wave. I started doing all of these tricks and I heard the guys cheering me on. I rode the wave all of the way in.

'Katie! That was awesome!" Liam exclaimed.

"Wish I could do that! It was brilliant!" Louis chimed in.

"Thanks guys! Lets see one of you try it," I challenged.

"Challenge accepted," Louis replied with a smirk. He took off towards the ocean and about a few minutes later he was waiting for the perfect wave. He spotted one and started going after it. After it got up to about a perfect height, he stood up and tried doing tricks but he wiped out and then he popped back up whilst laughing. He waited for another one and it eventually came. He rode the wave in and he walked up the beach with a smile on his face. We all congratulated him and then Liam went in for a shot. After Liam was Harry, then Niall, then me again and the whole process continued until we all were just chilling in the ocean; knowing the fireworks were coming. Zayn was sitting with Liam on his board and Harry was sitting on his next to me whilst we were holding hands. 

The first few fireworks and it was so magical. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 

"It's beautiful," I said, mesmerized. 

"Not as beautiful as you love," Harry replied. He glanced at me then had his attention back on the fireworks. Our boards were illuminating a glow in the water and the fireworks' reflection was illuminating the ocean. The display lasted about a half hour until it ended. 

"Since it's dark to surf, why don't we watch a movie at my house?" I suggested.

"Can we watch Grown-Ups?" Zayn asked.

"I was just about to suggest that!" I replied with a smile. By this time we were on the shore and putting the boards in the garage. "Did you guys bring clothes?" I asked.

"Yeah!" They replied in unison. I walked up the stairs to change into pj's. I heard footsteps behind me so I turned around and there was Harry following me. 

"Can I help you Mr. Styles?" I asked with a smile.

"No, I just wanted to come with you," he replied. I nodded and then opened my door. I walked over to my draw and grabbed my warm-up sweats that I got during the soccer season. Then I grabbed a t-shirt from a volley ball tournament and then a hoodie. Harry was in my bathroom getting changed so I used my walk-in closet to change in. I changed quickly then I opened the door not expecting Harry to be there.

'Oh my god Harry! You scared me!" I exclaimed with a laugh.

'Sorry babe," he replied. He leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips. I pulled away to brush my hair so it didn't dry into a huge wad of hair. I brushed it through and then put it up in a messy bun. Hazza and I walked down the stairs and joined the others to watch the movie. About 30 minutes into the movie, I fell asleep listening to my best friends and boyfriend laughing at the movie. 

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