Summer Love

When Katie and her family goes to the beach for the summer, she meets 5 guys that are so attractive! They all end up and be best friends and one of the guys fall in love with Katie but which one?

**One Direction is not famous in this**


1. Leaving for the Beach

When I woke up, I remembered I was leaving for Ocean City, Maryland for the whole summer. I didn't want to go because none of my friends could come with me and I'm an only child. Great.... lets see how fun this is. 

I got out of bed and looked in my closet deciding on what I could wear to the beach. It was a 3 hour drive and then after we were done packing, we were going to the beach. I looked in my closet and grabbed a coral tank top and then khaki shorts. I went to my dresser and picked out my black string bikini. I got dressed and then brushed out my long blonde curly/springy hair. I didn't put on any make up- I never really wore make up because my piercing blue eyes looked good without it. Not what any regular 18 year old would say. 

"Katie! Are you ready?!" My mom yelled up the stairs. 

"Yeah! I'll be right there!" I yelled back. My bags were already packed I just had to pack my tote bag for the car ride. I grabbed my iPod and iPhone, headphones, my kindle, my wallet, sunglasses, and my tanning oil and suntan lotion. 

I walked down the stairs and my mom greeted me at the door.

"Are you ready?" She asked. 

"Yeah," I replied. We walked out of the house and locked up. My dad was staying home and meeting us down there in August because he had work. I got in my car and my mother got in her car. When I got into my car, I had country music blaring and then I backed out of the driveway and followed my mother. 

Back in high school, I had a boyfriend, but he broke up with me junior year. I was devastated and I never trusted guys again after that. I think this vacation will give me the opportunity to have a summer love and I think I want to find someone that will make me fall in love. I'm hoping for a British or Irish guy but what are the odds of that?

After that thought, I though of my old friend Harry. I was born in Holmes Chapel but moved to America when I was 15 and I was devastated when I had to move. I always thought of Harry when I moved and wish I could just see him one more time. When we moved, it felt like a piece of me died or was left behind back in Holmes Chapel. I remember we used to go play in the creek behind my house or we would have sleepovers but it was just friends hanging out, that was pretty much it. We would watch movies and talk about everything and anything. We lost contact after a little bit because he was always busy and the time difference and it was hard on both of us. 

I still hope I could see him on this vacation because I remembered him telling me that he used to come here for a few weeks out of the summer and all of the times he went, I went as well. We would play in the ocean all of the time, we would go to the shoppes, and we would go mini-golfing together with Gemma, his sister. 

**3 hours later**

When we got to the house, I was surprised that it was ours; like my parents bought the house. It was huge and amazing! It was right on the beach and it was priceless. Both my parents had high paying jobs. My mother was a cardiologist and my father was a neurosurgeon. They were the boss of the clinic they worked at so they got paid a lot. That was one of the reasons we moved: for them to get good jobs. 

When I walked into my room, I though I walked into the master bedroom! It was so beautiful! It was light blue with tan carpet and the furniture was white. It had a balcony and a en-suite bathroom. The bedspread was dark blue with light blue flowers. I loved my room! It had pictures of me and my friends from prom and graduation. Damn, time flies by. I can't believe by the end of summer I'll be a freshmen in college.

After I was done packing I went to the beach and laid on my towel and started tanning. I was half asleep when something hit me on my head and I looked up and saw the most familiar green eyes.

"Harry?" I asked in curiosity.

"Katie?" He replied.

"Oh my god it's you!" I got up and hugged him.

"Katie!" He exclaimed. "I missed you so much! How you've been?!"

"I'm doing good! I got into a university and I'm going to be here all summer!" I replied.

"Oh that's good! Oh! These are my friends Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Guys this is the friend I always talk about that moved to America!"

"Oh! It's nice to meet you Katie!" The boy Niall replied.

"Nice to meet you too Niall!" I said whilst shaking his hand. His accent was to die for. I think all of them were! 

"Lets go play in ocean!" Louis exclaimed.

"I'll stay here," Zayn said.

"C'mon! We're all going!" I tried coaxing him.

"I don't like the water," he said in a timid voice.

"I'll stand with you at the water's edge," I replied whilst sticking my hand out for him to take it. He did and then we walked down to the edge and the others were in the ocean. 

"So which one do you live in?" Zayn asked. 

"That one right there," I replied while pointing to my house that you could easily see. 

"Wow, that's big," 

"I know," We stood where we were for a while until the boys came back and Harry picked me up bridal style and then he took me back to my stuff.

"Do you want to go back to my house?" I asked the guys.

"Sure! I'll text my mom and ask if she wants to come! Where do you live?" Harry asked.

"Right there," I replied while pointing to the house. 

"Wow, it's nice!" Niall exclaimed. 

"I know! I'll see you guys in a but! What time is it?" I asked.

"About 3:30," Liam replied.

"Well you all come over and you can have dinner with me and my mum!" I suggested. 

"Sounds good! Gemma and my mum would love to see your family!" Harry answered.

"Cool! See you soon!" I said whilst packing my stuff up and walking back to my house. I walked in and my mum was putting her clothes away. "Mum, you'll never guess who I saw on the beach!" 

"Who did you see hunny?" She asked.

"Harry Styles! You know my best friend! I invited him, Anne, Gemma, and their friends to dinner. Is that alright?" 

"Of course dear! I can't wait to see Anne!" She replied. I helped her unpack then I went into my room and showered and then got dressed. I let my hair dry natural because I didn't feel like doing anything to it. I wore a light blue tank top and jean cut-off shorts. I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I replied to the knocker.

"Katie!" Gemma exclaimed.

"Gemma! Oh my god I missed you! How are you?!"

"I'm doing good! I missed you so much!" She exclaimed. We walked out of my room and I saw Anne. I walked over to her and I hugged her. Gosh I missed my second family so much! 

We had take out for dinner because we didn't have time to go to the grocery store. Nobody really cared but boy did Niall eat A LOT!!!! I can't believe he isn't fat or anything! We were making small talk among ourselves and I didn't have this much fun in years. When everyone was leaving, everyone put their numbers into my phone and I did the same thing. We were all going to the beach tomorrow together. Also, we were going to get bagels for everyone and catch up on each others' lives. 

I felt like the past 3 years never happened and that it was a bad dream. It feels like I never lost my best friend in the first place.   

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