I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


9. Chapter 8

**Ali's POV**

After my whole... Episode. We all said goodnight and exchanged numbers.  I went to Molly's house and slept. I hate being at my house...

It's been 3 days since that night. I was sitting at home in full bum mode. My hair was in a messy bun, literally on the top of my head. I was wearing my favorite pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. I was watching Secretariat, One of my favorite horse movies, when the doorbell rang.

Internally I groan, but go get the door. When I open it, 3 tubs of ice cream, Doritos, and sodas are thrown into my arms as 4 boys go running towards the tv. Liam is left standing at the door.

"sorry about them."

"s'kay. C'mon."

He follows me in towards the living room. I can feel his gaze burning into my back as I take a seat next to Harry at the end of the couch. I quickly pull out my phone and send a text to Molly.

To: Molly-help. 1D

She instantly responds.

From: Molly- I'll be there in 2, I'll be there in 2, baby pikachu! 

To: Molly- WTF...?

From: Molly- just show Harry. Bee there soon.

I looked at Harry. Giving him the creeper stare until he noticed and gave me a 'what's your problem' look.

I showed him the text and he burst out laughing. Obviously there something I don't know...

"so..." i slowly put my phone down. "Mind telling me why you boys are all in my house?"

"well..." Harry began, "you told me you were sitting at home today with nothing to do..."

"so..." Niall interjected. 

"We figured we'd come give you something to do!" Louis finished.

"do you want us to leave?" Zayn asked, sounding worried.

I heard a mumble coming from beside Harry. "cause we will..." I quickly shot Liam a dirty look and looked back to Zayn.

"no!  Your fine. I'm just watching movies. Molly's on her way."

Harry an Louis quickly jumped for the movie cabinet. Soon followed by Zayn and a happy Niall.

" where's the bathroom." Liam asked.

"down the hall, 2nd door on your right." I point out which way to go then turn back to the boys.

"I know you boys brought food... But j want some popcorn. Anybody else?"

"ME!" Niall screams, the only one to answer me. I hear the doorbell ring, and go to answer it. On my eat however, I bump into Liam. 

"omf... Sorry." I look at him. He returns the look of disgust.

"watch where your going."

"I said I was sorry; however, It was your fault."

"how was it my fault?"

"your the one rounding the corner!"

"it's your house! You should know to watch out!"

"why are you being such a prick?!"

"why are you being such a bitch! Just watch where the fuck your going."

I watch him as he pushes past me and stalks into the living room. Quickly I reach to open the door for Molly, who shoots me a quick 'hey bitch' before going to raid my fridge.

"is everybody calling me a bitch today?" I mumble I myself. Turning around I notice Harry in the doorway to the hallway, leaning against the wall.

"who called you a bitch?" he stands straight. Looking worried.

"I don't wanna talk about it." I try walking past him, but just like the first day we met, he grabs my arm.

"Ali. Who's calling you a bitch?"

"Liam." I say as I yank my arm from him and go to the living room.
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