I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


8. Chapter 7

**mollys pov**

We all stay in the booth watching her leave. The tears were getting ready to fall. I could tell as soon as I looked at her eyes. One was glassy and the other didn't have the sparkle she always has. I know. Your thinking 'damn. Your best friend has weird eyes' most people say that. And she does. She was born with different size pupils. I always found it cool how one would be so much bigger then the other. Always looking at her eyes to see the sizes gave me plenty of time to learn what her eyes do depending on her emotion. She is Definatly upset. And I know she isn't going to the car. Ugh.

I look around at the guys. "well, I guess I'll be going then. Don't want to leave her out there alone." before I could stand up however, Harry did.

"allow me."

"erm... Ok. But she didn't go to the car. She went to the park right down the street."

"ok." he was out the door without another word.

I look around to all the boys. "I really should be going with them. She's upset. And knowin her, she's not gonna care that she only met Harry today. She was upset enough to pour her heart out to him." the boys all nod as I stand up to leave. As I approach the door I turn around to see them awkwardly watching me go. "aren't you coming?" they are out the door faster then you can say McDonalds.

**liams pov**

I was still fuming at Paul for getting us a 'babysitter'. Not all 5 of us are immature. Mostly just Louis. And sometimes Harry.  I guess I was kinda an ass to Ali though. She just reminded me so much of Danielle. And I don't even know why. She had medium length blonde hair that waved into natural curves(although from the look of it, her hair is usually in a ponytail) with swoop bangs, ocean blue eyes, and freckles littering every visible piece of her skin. She was beautiful. Maybe it was the way she danced. It reminded me of Danielle the most. She was just so fluid with her movements. Danielle usually did pumped up music; however, this was a new thing to watch. But still hurt just the same.

We are now sitting in McDonald's with Ali and her friend Molly. I'm trying to avoid Ali, but it doesn't seem so easy when she says:

"he's dead."

"I'm sorry Ali. I didn't know." says Harry. Trying to make up for whatever emotions he uncovered. Suddenly Ali is walking out of the joint with Harry following soon behind her. Then all of us to see what's happening.

We follow Molly to a park. It looks like and old park, except for the up-to-date playground that consist of monkey bars, a jungle gym, and swings that are currently occupied my Harry and what seems like a very upset Ali.

She's talking about a car crash. One she was in. It killed her father... She was in it and survived. I'll never understand how she thinks this is her fault. But obviously that's how she sees it. I can't imagine living with that feeling of guilt, whether it be her fault or not.

Suddenly a voice beside me speaks up.

"is that all true?" Louis may be immature sometimes, but he knows what needs to be said.

Ali turns to look at us, shocked. But then she slowly nods, sobs wracking her body as she sinks to the ground.

We all go to her, and one by one, she gets our hugs. First Harry, as he was closest. He hugs her for a few minutes, rubbing her back soothingly. Then Zayn, who does the same thing. As do Niall and Louis. I go to hug her, and she looks at me like I'm a stranger. Like she hasn't just spent a few hours with me between before the concert and McDonald's. I quickly wrap her in a hug, rub her back a few times, then release her to her best friend.

I'm getting away fast, but not before I hear Molly pulling her friend in for a long embrace saying something odd.

"c'mere Austin..."

Austin? Who's Austin?

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