I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


6. Chapter 5

The whole table was silent now. Just staring at me. Except Molly, Who already knew the story.

"I'm sorry Ali. I didn't know."

"no.. It's- it's fine."

**mollys pov**

I was watching niall scarf down his food, practically inhaling it.

"niall? Maybe you should... Ya know... Slow down?"

"don't worry Molly. He could be faster." Zayn states

"so" Louis began, "tell us about you Molly! I wanna be bestest friends!"

"sorry Louis! That positions taken! But I'll tell you 'bout me. my name is Molly Brooke Schumer. I'm 17. Turn 18 in two months. I have one younger brother. My birthday is August twenty-first. I love to dance. Alis been my best friend since the first grade. She introduced me to dance in second grade! We are inseparable.  Like one time in third grade we were trying to be like the 'popular' and 'sexy' girls, so we walked all funky. Our hips were moving from side to side like they were trying to avoid something. We know now how ridiculous we looked; however it's still fun to go back to those day. So if you randomly see our butts swaying, don't ask questions. Just join in the fun!"

"don't worry! I will!" Louis interjected. Sounding a bit to enthusastic.

"but why would you still do it?" Liam asked.

"well because. If you don't have fun and take chances, your just a blob floating through the space time continuum!  But yeah, we could totally pound each others faces in if you left us in a room together long enough."

"he's dead." is the only part of Ali's conversation I heard, and It takes one look at her face to know who she's talking about.

**austins pov**

"I think I better get going. Are you ready?" I say to Molly. She looks at me like I'm crazy or a second. Obviously she doesn't want to leave a table with one direction sitting at it. 

"erm... I'll just wait for you outside."

I quickly exit the building. Instead of turning toward the car, I go the opposite way. Towards the little park we basically grew up in. Soon I'm sitting on a swing, thinking about my dad. I miss him so much. More and more everyday. Why did he have to go? Why not me?

"Ali?" I hear a deep voice behind me, making me jump. I turn around to see Harry standing there.

"what's wrong?" I ask him. Worried that there's a reason he followed me.

He chuckles, sitting on the swing beside me. "I should be asking you that same thing."

He reaches over and wipes the tears away that I hadn't even noticed where falling.

"I just- I don't talk about it. I hardly ever have. It was unbearable for awhile. The emotional pain from losing him..."

"how did he die? If you don't mind my asking."

"car accident."

"was it... Bad?"

"a tractor trailer hit my dads little ford escort. What do you think?"

"you know... You can't hold on to this forever." he grabs my hand. Not in the 'someday I wanna date you' but in a friendly gesture to show support.

"but I do. I feel so lost. It's like a burden that will never be lifted."


"why what" I ask. Turning my head towards the ground.

"Why do you let it eat you up?"

I turn to look at him. Straight on. "Because it's my fault."


Let me know if anyone's reading and what you think!

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