I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


5. Chapter 4

After much debate we just ended up at McDonalds. It was good and cheap(especially with Molly's employee discount). We've been sitting here for a good 3 hours just chilling. Our food is long gone, now we're just there, talking about anything under the sun.

"so, why were you at the performance center anyway?"

"oh. I had to 'babysit' some boy band."

"what band?"

"erm... One Direction I think."

Suddenly Molly starts hyperventilating. Something tells me she's a fan...

"omigod! You met one direction! Are they as hot in person or even sexier?"

"they're... Alright I guess."

"alright? Girl you be tripping. That boy band is like chocolate! Scrumdidileyumocious!!"

At that moment the door opens and in comes (or sprints) a blonde hair blue eyed boy with an Irish accent.

As he approaches the counter I turn back to Molly.

"excuse me please"

I slip out of our booth and go to the counter. I hear him rambling off possibly one of the biggest orders I've ever heard. When he's finally done, I poke his sides and he jumps about a foot in the air.

"hey Niall! Ya miss me?"

"holy shit Ali! You scared me! What are you doing here?"

"oh nothing. Just hanging out with my friend. How was the concert?"

"you didn't stay?"

"no sorry. I don't like to be at the preformance center."


As I was about to answer him, the food was brought to the counter. He turned to pay and i returned to my seat. He followed shortly after.

I look at Molly. "Molly this is Niall. Niall this is Molly. She's a fan. Sorry If she freaks."

"I won't freak out, don't worry."

"okay good. I don't need anymore screaming right now. I just want to enjoy my food."

"where's everybody else?" I ask him.

"the car. Waiting for me."

"shouldn't you go then?"

"nah! They'll come find me eventually. Or leave."

Sure enough, 5 minutes later the door opens and 4 boys come and and look around to find him. They spot our booth and join us.

"so this is what happened to our Nialler eh? Well thanks for inviting us guys!" Louis yelled, earning strange looks from the people inside.

Liam raises his hand and smacks the back of his head. "Louis! Shut up!"

"sorry Louis! I told Niall to call ya'all!"

"it's ok." he said glumly.

"and who might this lovely lady be?" Zayn asks sliding in next to Molly.

"Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Liam. This is Molly. Molly. One direction."

There was a chorus of 'hi' That ran through the table. Niall was still eating. Louis, Liam and Zayn were talking intently to Molly. I turned to look at Harry.

"so how was the concert?" I ask.

"you didn't stay?" he sounded surprised.

"no. I don't like being at the performance center."

"why not?" he seemed interested.

"it reminds me of my past."

"is your past bad?"

"no. It's just, that's the place that caused my parents marriage to fall apart. It's the place where my first love and I broke up. The last place I saw my dad standing and happy... It just seems to be 'that place' ya know? The one that could be so great but can also bring up anything bad..." I drifted off. I don't like talking about this stuff. With anyone. Only Molly knows about all that.

"Where is your dad? What is he like?"

"my dad?" he nodded. "oh was great. Could crack a joke about anything. He was the man you could go to, to have a serious conversation with, but he will always have some joke thats so twisted or stupid that you have to laugh. I talked to him about everything. My future. The past. Our family. He was amazing!"

"so where is he?"

"he's dead."
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