I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


3. Chapter 2

After running to the stereo to grab my phone, I was quickly shuffling towards the door.

"s'cuse me."

In my attempt to slip past them, one of them grabbed my arm.

"hold on love! Where do you think your going?"

"I'm just going to find my mom and figure out where this band I'm supposed to be 'babysitting' is."

He look hurt, for why? I don't know. I grab his hand and pry it off my arm.

"now if you'll excuse me."

"can we at least get your name?"

I hear an Irish accent speaking. Nickname or real name? Nickname.


I quickly slip out the door before they can say anything else and go to find my mom. I find her standing on the main stage, talking to a tall buff man with dark hair.


"Oh Austin!" she says.  "This is Paul Higgins."

He kindly outstretches his hands, I shake it.

"Please. Call me Ali."

"Nice to meet you Ali. Please. Call me Paul." he said. Mimicking how I said it.

"Haha! Anyway, mom. When is this band getting here?"

"I sent the 5 boys back towards the dressing room... Are they not in there?" Paul answered for her. I felt my eyes widen as the realization hit me. I told the guy I was a babysitter for an immature band. His immature band. Crap!

Suddenly I'm running back toward the dressing room, I fling the door open, breathing heavily, to meet 5 pairs of eyes. Apologizing time!

"Did'ja miss me?" the one that grabbed my arm says. Rising from the couch. I took a second to look at him. He has chocolate brown curly hair and sea green eyes.

"You wish curly. But you could of told me that you guys are the ones preforming tonight. You know.. Maybe before I insulted you?"

The boys were all stiffening laughter when I walked around curly to take a seat. 

"oh shut up!"

"sorry babes! But we're used to girls your age knowing who we are." he looks tall. He has honey brown eyes, dark brown hair quiffed up to the side with a blonde streak, and tanned skin.

"girls my age? And just how old do you think I am?"

An Irish accent speaks. "15 maybe 16?"  The owner has blonde hair and Icy blue eyes.

"15! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" I know I'm short but really?"

"well how old are you?" this voice belongs to a boy with brown hair and greenish blue eyes who's eating a carrot.

"18! I turn 19 next month."

"well. Sorry if we offended you love. My names Zayn"

"I'm Niall!" he yelled across the room. Is the fridge speaking?

"I'm Louis! But you can call me boo-bear if you want!"

"and I'm Harry." curly gives a wink. Cheeky one, eh?

"and what would your name be mister?" the last boy has brown hair, in a small quiff to the side, and chocolate brown eyes.

"Liam." His reply was curt.

"okay... Well nice to meet you I guess. Welcome to Austin, Texas. Is there anything you would like to do before you need to start prepping?"

"20 questions?"

"Awh Hazza!! Not again" Lou whines.

"but I wanna get to know Ali!"

"I'm game."

"if Ali's in I guess I'll play." Zayn says quietly. Niall just nods in agreement. Harry looks around then back at Lou. "sorry boo-bear! Your outvoted."
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