I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


14. Chapter 13

I was dumbfounded. Never in a million years did I expect that. 


"I said, will you, Austin Blake, do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?"

It was silent for what seemed like years. What should I say? Do I want to be his girl friend? He's been an ass to me, will that change? His eyes start to drop to the ground as he notices my deliberation. Embarrassment and disappointment cross his features as he starts to back away.

"I- I'm sorry. Just forget I ever said anything."

"Liam!" I yell towards his back as he approaches the door. Oh so slowly, he turns around to face me. In less then 5 second my arms are around his neck and I'm pulling his face to mine. However, just before our lips touch I stop.



"I would love nothing more then to be your girlfriend."

"really?" he says, surprised.

Now, using the hand that is behind his head I pull his lips down to mine. This kiss is different then the one before. This has more passion and sense of belonging. Our lips are moving together, in perfect sync, as if the world around us is in fast forward, and this moment is ours. Frozen for an unlimited amount of time. Suddenly I feel the coldness of the wall mirror pressing up against my back and gasp. Liam uses this gasp to his advantage and slips his tongue into my mouth. Soon they are fighting for the dominance and me, being the girl, loses. As his tongue explores every crevice of my mouth, I pull away. He gives me a weird look.

"what?" I ask, " I don't like losing." he chuckles. 

"Who does." he rests his forehead against mine and looks me straight in the eye.



"We should probably get back..."

He sighed. "yeah... They probably thought we killed each other."

"yeah. We did. Until we witnessed that."
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