I Still Love You...

Austin(Ali) has a rough past with many things to haunt her. When a certain boy band comes around, she makes a best friend, and an enemy. She finds herself living the high life with these boys, until one phone call that rips it away and sends their life into a spiral of love, hurt, loss, and forgiveness.


11. Chapter 10

Its been a week and a half since the movie night and I've seen the boys almost every night. We have gone ice skating and bowling. I went to one of their concerts. My relationships with the 4 grew strong; however, Liam and I still weren't seeing eye to eye. He always wanted to fight about something. Its really getting on my nerves. But I think the thing I hate the most... Is that even though he irritates me to the ends of the universe, I still like him. And I mean LIKE him. 

On twitter, The tweets were coming in endlessly now. I went from having maybe 100 followers to over 3 thousand. Over night! All that just for hanging out with these boys? Dang!

I was scrolling through the tweets. Ignoring the mean ones and following the nice ones, when one caught my eye.

@Jonny_l33: @ballin_Ali bet they don't know the truth about you, do they Ali?

Jonny. That's my brother. The one that just made my living hell a pit of fire for years.

Suddenly I'm breaking. All the walls I built up after he stopped being kind to me all fell down. Tears. Salty dry tears. Yes, tears are water, but I felt like these were tears of sand. Sand that just stings my face. I wasn't crying loudly so should have heard the door open, but I didn't. This caused me to jump when I heard a deep voice behind me.

"Ali! What's wrong?"

I turn around to see Harry, accompanied by Louis and Liam. 

When I hear Harry's question, I can't help but cry harder. Harry rushes forward to pull me into his lap. He hugs me and I feel him gently rubbing circles on my back as he sits on my bed. Louis slowly approaches the laptop, flanked by Liam, to see the tweet. They both look at me with confusion spread across their features.

"my-my brother..." is all I need to say before they slam the laptop shut and come help Harry comfort me. Well, Louis helps. Liam stands akwardly to far away for my liking.

"what are you boys doing here? Not that I dont want you here but I look like poo."

"we came to get you for dinner!" Louis chirped happily.


"did you forget?"


"superman wouldn't forget. Superman has an awesome memory. And sight! You wanna know why?"

I look at him, giving him the 'I'm gonna regret this question' look. "why Lou?"

"BECAUSE HE EARS CARROTS!" and Louis runs out of the room. Liam goes, saying how he wants to make sire Louis doesn't break anything. 

I look at Harry. "Do I have to go to dinner?"

"yep! C'mon! Molly's already in the car!" he quickly shoves me off him and grabs my hand, pulling me towards the door.

"wait!" I stop him, "I need to change! Im not going for dinner in my sweats"

"nah, you'll be fine. It's probably just McDonalds."


So hey! How you liking it so far? This chapter was really just a filler. Do I have any readers? Is it worth continuing or should I stop. Let me know and vote/fan/criticize!(:

Also; if you're reading this and have a twitter let me know and I'll follow you!

__ BananaXx
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