Ok guys so these are going to be imagines! If you want me to write one about you and your favorite One Direction member just comment and leave your name, what you like to do, eye color, the name of the boy you would like me to write about, and anything else you would like in your imagine! I will have then up within a few days or even that day possibly (most likely that day, depending on school:)! I hope you enjoy them!


5. Louis- Sydne_Tomlinson


The tears were flowing down your face as you saw your boyfriend Louis holding hands with a golden goddess. She was beautiful, and everything you wished you could be. ‘How could he do this to me?’ you thought. He went on tour 2 months ago and right before he left he told you he loved you for the first time. He was supposed to be coming home in 3 days and you weren’t sure if you wanted to see him right now. You were so heartbroken. You were pulled out of your thoughts when you heard the door open.

“Syd?” you heard that familiar voice call. You slowly closed your laptop and walked quietly out of your bedroom only to stop at the top of the stairs. “Sydne I’m home!” he called again. Then he stopped at the bottom of stairs when he noticed you. “Hey babe! I’m home!” he said while walking towards you.

“You weren’t to be home for 3 days.” You whisper. He took a step closer reaching for your hand, but you slowly took it back and stuffed it in your sleeve.

“Yeah I know. I wanted to surprise you.” You just stared into his eyes hoping to find a glimpse of guilt. “What’s wrong?” You had nothing to say so you just looked into his eyes. “What did I do?” he questioned.

“Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?!” you say through your tears. “I saw some pictures of you and some perfect girl getting close while you were away. I thought you loved me?” You say while looking down.

“I didn’t cheat Syd. I do you love.” You couldn’t hold back anymore so you screamed at him,

“How do you explain the pictures? I was all alone for 2 months without you! How do you think that made me feel? And then to see you holding hands with someone else…it broke me because she was everything I’m not! Did your words even mean anything?” He just stared at you, unable to respond. “That’s what I thought.” You spat through your tears. You started to walk back into your room and you felt his eyes staring at you, but he couldn’t move. You walk into your room and bundle up in your bed crying, your tears staining your pillow. You felt Louis in the doorway. Then in no time he was hovering over you.

“Please don’t cry. I hate to see you so sad.”

“Do-n’t ta-alk to me.”

“But babe I promise I didn’t cheat. I meant every word. I do love you. Always have and always will. There is nobody more perfect for me than you. That girl meant nothing. Management told me to. I love you and only you.” Before he let you answer he smashed his lips onto yours. He gently forced his weight onto you, but he propped himself up with his elbows. As much as you didn’t want to admit it you believed him, and you really missed him. “I missed you babe.” He mumbled against your neck. You couldn’t manage any words so you only muttered inaudible words and you felt him smirk.

“Do you promise you didn’t cheat?”

“I’ll just show you instead.” He smiled. And you two spent the night making up.

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