Ok guys so these are going to be imagines! If you want me to write one about you and your favorite One Direction member just comment and leave your name, what you like to do, eye color, the name of the boy you would like me to write about, and anything else you would like in your imagine! I will have then up within a few days or even that day possibly (most likely that day, depending on school:)! I hope you enjoy them!


2. Liam- my friend Kay:)

You are the lucky one that Liam Payne gets to call his girlfriend. It's your birthday and sadly Liam is on tour. You get to text from him saying to get on your Skype. You smile a little knowing that at least you will get to see him smile. As you start to log on you notice you got another message from him saying,

'Hi babe. Sorry now is not a good time. Maybe later. love you' You sigh and decide not to text him back. You got texts from all the other boys saying happy birthday, but nothing from him. Maybe he forgot? Not even your friends have said anything. You're extremely hurt that only 4 people that you know have said anything. You decide that since no one remembered, you would just have a lazy day, watching chick flicks and eating ice cream. You started off with The Notebook. You know you cry every time you watch this movie. As you put it in the DVD player you got a message from your friend,

'Hey happy birthday! wanna hang out for the big day? You reply saying,

'sure c'mon over!' You started to tidy up your house when you got a message 10 minutes later from the same girl,

 'oh sorry I just realized i can't. happy birthday anyway!' What was it with everyone ditching you one your birthday? So you resumed what you were doing before, crying your heart out, alone. Then your doorbell rang. You dried your eyes as best you could then pulled your hair up in a messy bun. When you opened the door it was the last person you ever expected to see,

"Kay you didn't honestly think I forgot your birthday did you?" he smiled handing you flowers and a little wrapped box.

"Liam you didn't..."

"Just shut up and open it." You look up at him smiling like an idiot motioning you to open your present. You carefully open the little box to reveal a heart necklace with the initials "K+L" engraved in it. He took it out of your hands and put it on for you. You smile down at it,

"It's beautiful."

"But nowhere as beautiful as you babe. Happy birthday." You smile as he leans in to kiss you. You gladly kiss him back and spend the rest of your special day wrapped in his arms.

"Liam you seriously didn't have to get me anything. Just having you here is the perfect birthday present." you lean up and kiss his nose.

"I love you." as he hums 'Little Things' to you as he kisses your hair.



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