Ok guys so these are going to be imagines! If you want me to write one about you and your favorite One Direction member just comment and leave your name, what you like to do, eye color, the name of the boy you would like me to write about, and anything else you would like in your imagine! I will have then up within a few days or even that day possibly (most likely that day, depending on school:)! I hope you enjoy them!


4. Harry- my friend Riley:)


You were sitting in your least favorite class of the day, Spanish. Your teacher stood up in front of the class to introduce the new kid that would be joining your class.

“Please don’t have him sit by me, please don’t have him sit by me!” you plead in your head. You were extremely shy and you weren’t in the mood in the mood to introduce yourself to anybody new. When you looked up you saw a curly haired, green eyed boy staring back at the class.

“Class this is Harry Styles. I trust you will all treat him with kindness and respect,” she then turned to Harry and said the 5 words you dreaded hearing, “you may sit by Riley.” You pulled at your sleeves and avoided eye contact at all costs.

“Hey. I’m Harry.” He said.

“I’m Riley.” You whisper. You fidgeted with your sleeves and tried to focus on the lecture. You noticed Harry smell himself out of the corner of your eye and you let out a small giggle.

“Is something funny?” he questioned. You look over at him and noticed how much prettier his eyes were up close,

“Oh nothing.” You reply shaking your head and return back to your work. You then notice him staring at you so you face him again, “can I help you?”

“Oh nothing. You just have gorgeous blue eyes.” You blush and turn away smiling. “Don’t hide your smile. It lights up the room.” You then turn to him and smile.

“Thank you.” You decide it’s time to not be shy anymore. “What’s your schedule? I could help you around.”

“Really? That would be awesome.” HE hands you his schedule and you come to find out that you guys have all the same classes.

“Cool looks like we will be learning a lot about each other.”

“I would like that.”

-After school-

You found out that you and Harry are next door neighbors, so you walked home with each other.

“Let’s play a game!” Harry says.

“Ok what game?”

“20 questions.”

“Ok you go.”

“Alright…favorite color?”


“Nice. Favorite animal?”


“Mine’s a cat!” he smiled. “Favorite number?”


“Mine too! Cool so favorite movie?”

“A Cinderella Story. Cutest movie ever!”

“Mine’s…The Notebook.”

“Aww…how cute” you giggle. He blushed,

“Ok favorite sport?”


“Mine too!”

“I think you mean soccer.” You laugh.

“Oh…oops. Anyway new question.”


“Why are you so shy?”

“Just because…”

“Because?” he pressed.

“I’m just awkward. I don’t like people to judge. So I just stay to myself. It’s easier that way.”

“Well if they took the time to get to know you…” you interrupted him,

“That’s just it! No one wants to take the time!” you say. You both just stare at each other. You look away and start to walk away because you could feel the tears starting to form. You felt Harry grab your wrist and spin you around to face him.

“Ok new question.” He said starting right into your eyes. He took one step closer and you stepped away from him.

“Harry I’m really not in the mood for any more questions.” You say wiping your tears away with your hand that Harry wasn’t holding. He took one step closer and you stepped back again.

“Please just one more?”

“What?” He stepped closer and this time you stayed put.

“What will it take for you to go out with me?” You were stunned. He took another step closer and brushed a piece of your blonde hair back behind your ear. “Am I going to get an answer?” he smiled.

“All it takes is all you got Styles.” You smile back. Then you felt his lips on yours. As if in a movie (your favorite one to be exact) you felt rain drops, then it started to down pour. You kissed in the rain. When you pulled away after a few seconds he rested his forehead on yours and said,

“So how’s Friday work?” You smile and stare into his green eyes,

“Friday’s good.”

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