Up All Night

Valerie (Val) was was a freshman at NYU with her best friend Kira. They've been obsessed with One Direction for as long as they could remember. It soon comes about that a trip to Italy is offered as a part of their summer foreign language course. When they see the boys at the airport, they fall head over heels in love with Niall and Liam. Soon, they become great friends with all of the boys and find out secrets that no one knows.


1. The Announcement

Val's POV

Kira rolled all over her twin sized bed with blue sheets. "GIRL, we are OFFICIALLY 18 which means we can OFFICIALLY do whatever we want...almost. I'M BORED,"

We looked at each other doing that best friend-mind-reading-thingy. "LET'S FAN-GIRL" we said in unison. We both took out our Macbooks and got on twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube, and movellas. We worked on our fan fictions while we looked up 1D memes, while we facebooked the latest 1D happenings, while we stalked the guys in twitter, while we looked at shirtless pics on tumblr. Sounds silly doesn't it? An 18 year old girl, practically a woman, writing a fan fiction? Not to us! Kira and I have been true directioners since we were 13! We still dreamed about being with them. When we used to dance, we all picked one that we would marry. Liam was mine, Niall was Kira's, Harry was Hanna's, Louis was Rhiannon's, and Zayn was Jayde's. Unfortunately, we all broke up after high school, except me and Kira. 

After nearly an hour of fan-girling, I looked at my iHome alarm clock: 8:45 PM. "You're right," I said. "We're women now, let's do something!"

"LET'S GET COFFEE!!!" Kira said. Kira was always the hyper one. When we were younger, Kira was an insomniac. She would text us at 2, 3 AM because she couldn't sleep. She always drank all the Mountain Dew at our parties.

"Well," I said. "I guess so. I think there's a Starbucks a few blocks from here. We do need to get that paper done for Pro Jameson's class so I'm gonna bring my laptop."

"Yeah, I need to do that too, and I gotta do some Italian homework for Pro Barelli's class."

We called our professors Pros because professor took way too much effort to say. Pro Barelli was our foreign language teacher, we took Italian. I was going to NYU to be a Language Arts teacher/Author and Kira was going to be a Physics...um person.....SCIENTIST we'll just say that. 

Kira and I walked a few blocks and surely on 32nd street they had a lovely Starbucks.  We settled in at our table and I went up and ordered. "I'll have one grande Salted Caramel Frappuccino and one grande Pumpkin Spice Latte! Also, can I have two Tiramisu cake pops? Thanks."

I took our drinks (and snack) to the table and Kira already had her headphones on. "One Pumpkin Spice Latte for the bestest!!" I smiled.

"WHAT??!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! UH, YEAH, I WANT YOU TO ROCK ME, ROCK ME, ROCK ME YEAH! I WANT YOU TO HIT THE--" I pulled the headphones out of her laptop and shoved the drink in her face. "Oh haha thanks" she smiled then, I plugged her headphones back in.

We were close to being the only ones at Starbucks because it became really late. It had been 3 hours since we arrived, it was now 11:00 PM. What I liked about this particular Starbucks was that it was open 24/7 because of how close the school was to here and because the Nighties liked to hang out here. The Nighties are what Kira and I call ourselves. We stay up and sometimes out until as late as 2 AM! Then we are forced back to our dorms where we stay up for a good 2-3 more hours.

My phone vibrated with a little envelope which means I had a new e-mail. www.gmail.com...and there it was, a new e-mail. It was from Pro Barelli which was strange because she NEVER EVER sent out ANY e-mails to ANYONE, even if you e-mailed her! The subject was "You're gonna love me guys..." Um..Ok? I thought. This is exactly what the e-mail said:

Dear Students,

Anyone in my Italian class should be pleased to know that their will be a "field trip" coming up this summer. We will be taking a trip around ITALY!!! On June 6th (the last day of school), we will be boarding a plane at promptly 8:30 PM so be ready! We will be going to Rome, Venice, Naples, and MORE!!! I will not be your tour guide though, you may explore as you please! On July 6th (a month from June 6th obviously), we will be boarding a plane back to the states at 9:00 AM!! I will explain this more in class but in order to take part in this trip, you will need to collect $100 for plane fees, the hotel is covered (but you will need to find a roommate), and you will obviously need money for souvenirs and food. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!

Deborah Barelli

Both Kira and I squealed at the exact same time. "ERM MER GERD WE'RE GOING TO FRIGGIN ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

"Yeah, I guess we are..." I said.

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