Behind Brown Eyes

Toni has set up an amazing experience for her and her friends that they will never forget!


4. 4

Sara's POV

"We're going to be working with One Direction!" says Lola with excitement.

"Yeah," was Toni's response.

I scream "AWESOME!"

"woohoo!" says Megan.

All four of us love One Direction. We aren't hardcore 'directioners', but we still love them. "See why I waited to tell you guys," says Toni. We all nod.

*3 days later*

We just got to the building we are meeting the boys at. I am so excited! We walk up to the reception desk and I say "Hello, we are here to meet with the boys from One Direction."

The receptionist replies with, "Of course, are you girls Toni LaFleur, Sara Wrenson, Lola Monroe, and Megan Cashen?"


"They are in room 48 on the second floor."

"Thank you!"

We get to the door of room 48 and I ask who is going to knock. "I will," says Lola, and she knocks.

"Coming!" we hear. Next thing I know, we are standing face to face with Josh Devine and Niall Horan.

I manage to say, "Hello." I had no idea that Josh, their drummer, was going to be here too, he is simply my favorite member.


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