Behind Brown Eyes

Toni has set up an amazing experience for her and her friends that they will never forget!


3. 3 (I decided to just number the chapters)

Lola's POV

Toni came home a week ago; today Toni, Megan, Sara, and I are heading off to London. Toni set up a job and learning opportunity for all of us. We are going to be traveling with a band, that only Toni knows the name of. "Toni," I say while on the plane, "will you pleeease tell us the name of the band?" "I'll give you a clue when we get to my apartment," she replies.

We finally get to London and get a taxi. When we get to the apartment, Toni shows us where to put our bags. After we take care of our things, we all gather in the living room and Toni says, "okay, here is the clue. Don't worry, I'll still tell you the band's name if you don't guess it." She smiles and hits play on her stereo, out comes " *dun dun-dun dun-dun* You're insecure, don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk through the door-or-or." Then she stops the music and I say with excitement, "We're going to be working with One Direction!" "Yeah!" was Toni's answer.

A/N I never really figured out when this is all happening, so i decided to make it so its happening Summer 2012, but i'm not going to include things like the olympics or anything, just a fake tour, kinda

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