Behind Brown Eyes

Toni has set up an amazing experience for her and her friends that they will never forget!


1. schools out

Toni's POV

*Beep *Beep *Beep I hear my alarm go off. Today is the first day of summer break for me. I'm 19 and I just finished my first year of studying fashion design and styling in London. I take a shower and change into a pair of crop yoga pants and a tank top. I get some breakfast and finish packing my bag. I'm going home for a week to spend some time with my family before I bring my friends back to London for our new jobs. I head to the airport.


After too many long hours on the plane, I finally arrive in Grand Rapids, MI. My parents are waiting for me at the gate. "Toni! Welcome back!" my dad says while giving me a hug. "We missed you darling," says my mom, also giving me a hug. "I missed you too," I replied, "Where are Mason and Cleo?" "Oh, they are at home with your friends," said my dad. On the way home, my parents wanted me to tell them all about my classes and what life was like in London. I told them to wait, so I could share with everybody at the same time. They ended up telling me everything that has happened at home.

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