Love At First Faint

Three girls, Lynn, Mica, and Sawyer, won a one in a lifetime chance. Going to a One Direction concert, going backstage to meet the guys, and having a pizza and movie night with them. Lynn is 19, Mica is 18, and Sawyer is 19. What will happen when a celebrity falls for a normal girl from Shafer, Minnesota? Read to find out.


6. Surprise

Harry's P.O.V

I was so proud of Lynn for getting accepted to that dance place in London. Now I could see her a lot more than what I would have been able to before. I just didn't want to not be able to talk to her while I finish out the America Tour. Yea we were only going to be here for two more weeks but that was two whole long weeks without my baby. But now it was the day I came back to London so maybe I could surprise Lynn. We were driving to our favorite Nandos when I saw three very familiar faces. One of them belonging to Lynn. Her sweet little body was nestled in a booth that was back in the corner. I just wanted to run over to her, pick her up by that tiny yet curvy waist and spin her around. My whole body felt all tingly when I saw her just start laughing, her shoulders shaking a little and her head thrown back with her hand covering her mouth. I had to act cool so we all just walked in and I slid in next to her. We were all dead silent because she was totally lost on her phone looking at Twitter. 

"Lynn." I whispered into her ear softly, stroking her arm with my index finger.

She perked right up with big eyes. "HARRY!!!!!!" she yelled throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me tight. I kissed her for a long time while everyone else just 'Ewwwwwed'. We pulled away smiling and looking deep into each others eyes when we were disrupted by the waiter clearing his through. We all looked up at him and acted like nothing had happened.

He just introduced himself and I saw Lynn looking at him kind of swooning. "So what can I get out guys to drink?" he asked. 

"Water." Sawyer said.

"Same." Mica agreed.

"Coke." Niall said.

"Same." Zayn replied.

"Same." Liam agreed.

"I'll have iced tea." Lynn said and I could sense a flirty tone. I'm getting pretty upset now.

"Water." Lou said looking away.

"Coke." I said flatly.

"Ok so three waters, four Cokes, and one tea?" the waiter asked.

"Yea." I said quickly. He just walked away and I put my hand on Lynn's upper thigh.

Lynn's P.O.V

Our waiter was cuuuuuute. Oh my god Lynn stop! You have Harry and you're lucky to have him. I could tell Harry was mad and I felt horrible. So, so horrible. Once our waiter left Harry had his hand on my upper thigh. 

I leaned into him and whispered into his ear. "H-Harry." I said softly.

"What." he said into my ear.

"Were in public." 

"So." he said.

"Harry not now. Please." I begged.

"What ya gonna do about it?" he teased.

"This." I whispered rubbing the top of his pants feeling a bulge.

He bit his lip and moved his hand admitting defeat. "Fine you win." he whispered into my ear. I pecked his lips quickly and our food came. The waiter set them down and smiled at me the whole time so while he was looking at me I rested my head on Harry's shoulder and held his hand with our fingers interlocked on the table. once he saw us do that his grin faded and he just walked away.

While everyone was about half way done except Niall since he devoured his, Sawyer accidentally knocked her water over and our waiter fell in it. We all tried so hard not to laugh but when he left we all just bursted with laughter. Soon we were all done and it was time for us to go our separate ways.

"I'll text you." Harry said into my ear.

"Ok babe." I said hugging him with my arms locked around his neck and we kissed for about 5 seconds which is longer than you think. Mica, Sawyer, and I all got into a cab and went home. *ping* my text sound signaled.

Harry: Hey gorgeous. 

Me: Hello Handsome :)

Harry: What you doing tomorrow?

Me: I have a meeting at Hype at like 9 a.m. 

Harry: Oh. And after that?

Me: Nothing. Probably will just go to the mall. I need some more clothes.

Harry: Perfect. I'll pick you up from Hype and take you shopping.

Me: No you don't have to.

Harry: I want to see my beautiful girl and spoil her. Pwease :)

Me: Fine.

Harry: Yay! So see you at 11?

Me: Sure see ya then.

Harry: Ok babe. Bye. See you tomorrow Xx :* Goodnight Lynn

Me: Ok :) Bye. Night Haz Xxxxxxx :*

I had to get an outfit ready for tomorrow. I was running around my room throwing clothes everywhere. I needed an outfit that looked good but casual for when I met Harry. My room looked like a tornado went through it until I settled on a light mint green blouse that tied in the front, a white lace pencil skirt that went up to my mid thigh, nude heels, and a nude colored clutch. I also had gold ball earrings that matched the gold on my clutch. Perfect.

Today was going to be.....interesting.

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