Love At First Faint

Three girls, Lynn, Mica, and Sawyer, won a one in a lifetime chance. Going to a One Direction concert, going backstage to meet the guys, and having a pizza and movie night with them. Lynn is 19, Mica is 18, and Sawyer is 19. What will happen when a celebrity falls for a normal girl from Shafer, Minnesota? Read to find out.


2. Love at first faint

Lynn's P.O.V

We walked into the arena and were escorted to a room by a security guard. We were all just looking around until we heard yelling and the door burst open with all the guys coming into the room. That was the last thing I pretty much remembered for 5 minutes. I had fainted. Once I woke up I found myself in Harry's arms. 

" You're back." Harry said smiling.

Harry's P.O.V

I didn't officially meet her but Lynn was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and trust me I've seen a lot. Her eyes were gorgeous, her skin was flawless and sun-kissed, and her hair was silky and smelled good....not that I would know....ok I admit it when the guys weren't looking a slightly smelled it which smelled amazing. If I would have been caught it would have been worth it. It took me all the will power I had not to kiss her. Her eyes fluttered open and widened.

" You're back." I said smiling.

"Yeaaaaaa." she said. I was holding her on the couch and she just laid there.

"So I don't think we've officially met." I said putting my hand out. "I'm Harry."

"Hi I'm Lynn." She shook my hand. Her hands were so soft!

We were all messing around till we were told we had to go on.

"See you after the show." I said squeezing her hand.

Lynn's P.O.V

Asdfghjkl. Harry was just....perfect. I didn't want him to go on but I would be front and center then be able to watch movies with him. The crowd was screaming and the guys came out singing Live While We're Young. They went through alot more songs but when they were singing What Makes You beautiful and it was Harry's longer slower solo he walked over to me, took my hand, and sang to me then leaned down to kiss my forehead. Once the guys went to change some bitch slapped me...hard.

"What the fuck bitch?!?" I screamed.

"Back away slut Harry's mine." the bitch snapped.

"Well guess what? YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!!! Jealous fucking bitch." I yelled. Everyone around us was just staring at us till the guys ran back out. They ended with Little Things and Harry was grinning at me the whole time. Security came to get us and bring us backstage. The chic that slapped me just glared at me and I smacked my ass and mouthed "kiss it".

We got to the dressing room and all the guys were spread out. Harry was on a one person sized chair with a blanket, popcorn, and a box of pizza. He pulled me into him and I laughed. 

"Well hello Harry." I said smiling. 

"Hello Lynn." he said. I was starving so I grabbed a piece of pizza and Niall just laughed randomly.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing. Its just the sound your stomach made." Niall laughed.

"Shut up!" I said laughing. Niall put in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I had my head buried into Harry's chest the whole time. He smelled so good. We watched Toy Story (Liam, Mica, Sawyer, and I all insisted on it) then watched 21 Jump Street. I laughed so hard I was crying. Harry took my phone and put my number so I put mine in his. He put himself in has 'Harry the curly haired god' so I put mine in as 'Lynn the dinosaur superhero'. We all left and went back to my house. 

"That was amazing!!" Mica kind of yelled.

"Oh my god they are so nice!" Sawyer squealed. My phone pinged.

Harry the curly haired god:Hey I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow. We have a day off.

Me:Yea I'd love to. Where do you want to meet up at?

Harry the curly haired god:the arena from tonight?

Me:ok so noonish?

Harry the curly haired god: Yea thats good. See ya gorgeous Xx

After fangirling for a while we all fell onto my bed and totally passed out.

This was the best night of my life so far

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