Love At First Faint

Three girls, Lynn, Mica, and Sawyer, won a one in a lifetime chance. Going to a One Direction concert, going backstage to meet the guys, and having a pizza and movie night with them. Lynn is 19, Mica is 18, and Sawyer is 19. What will happen when a celebrity falls for a normal girl from Shafer, Minnesota? Read to find out.


3. Flings

Harry's P.O.V

I can't get Lynn off my mind. I'm so glad she said that she would hang out with me too. It was 11:00 so I put on some skinny jeans, a white v-neck, blue blazer, and my white converse. I ran out the door and got into our shared Range Rover and drove to the back of the arena. I just sat there until until a little purple mini cooper pulled up and Lynn stepped out looking so hot.

Lynn's P.O.V

I woke up at 10. Shit. I ran into the shower that took 30 minutes because of my long hair. I wrapped the towel around my then put my hair up in the towel going to my closet to pick clothes out heating my straightener up. I picked out , straightened my hair, and got into my car headed to the arena. I saw a black range rover and then Harry on his phone. He looked over at me, smiled, got out of the car, and hugged me. 

"Hello love." he said grinning cheekily. 

"Hey Harry." I said smiling like a total idiot.

"So...lunch?" he asked me,

"Sure where to?" I replied.

"Ummmmmmm I don't know. Know anyplace good?" He questioned sitting in the drivers seat with the door open.

"Yea totally. So um lets take my car. Just so nobody expects anything." I said smiling.

"Yea good point. Lets go."Harry said. We got into my car (me driving) and went to a little restaurant that had mini versions of alot of food. Once we walked in I saw the girl that smacked me and she just glared at me but was jaw dropped. Harry and I sat down and ordered. 

"So what ya been up to?" I asked.

"Busy recording and looking for a gorgeous girl to call mine." He said smiling.

"Cool how's that going?" I said.

"Which one?" he asked laughing.

"The girl case?" I replied laughing back.

"It's closing in." he said and put his hand on mine. "So are you going to be watching the VMA's?" he asked.

"Oh hell yea." I giggled.

"Good." he said. Our food came and I nibbled on it. We talked some more, paid the bill, and left. We went back to a park and I just sat on the swing while Harry sat next to me. We seriously talked for two hours about anything and everything until there was a lot of flashes. 

"Shit!" Harry said. "In the car stat." We ran to the car and drove to my house which was only a block away. My parents were on a motorcycle ride so I had the house to myself. Harry and I talked for a few minutes until before I knew it I was only in my bra and panties with Harry only in his boxers above me on my bed and we were making out. Harry was kissing down my chest and took my bra off then kissing my breasts and rolling his tongue around my nipples sucking on them. 

"Harry" I moaned. He just looked up at me, grinned, and kissed down my stomach then slid my pretty much thong off. Harry came back up so we were making out and rubbing all over my body till his hand went lower....lower...and he was rubbing my clit while kissing my neck. I moaned  a little and he went down spreading my legs then just let his tongue go everywhere. I tilted my head back grabbing the sheets and felt two fingers in me. He did that for a few minutes and the faster he went the louder I moaned. He took his boxers off and oh my god his dick was huge. He laid back and I crawled over to him starting to make out with him while jerking his dick. He started rubbing my clit again then I kissed down his abs and gave him a blow job. He groaned and grabbed the sheets. Harry flipped me onto my back and started pumping in and out of me getting harder and faster each time. After we did that for about 10 more minutes we just laid there panting a little.

"That...was...amazing." Harry said.

" was." I agreed. I wasn't a virgin (thanks to last years prom......not, It was in the janitors closet.) Harry's phone went off.

"I gotta take this." he said answering the phone and walking into my bathroom. I just laid there and he came out. "I'm so sorry babe but I gotta go. I'll text you later." he said kissing me.

"Ok Haz." I replied kissing bacl

Babe. Kissed me goodbye. Was I pretty much dating Harry Edward Styles?

Authors note: Hey readers! Thanks for reading. Please comment your name because I need a new character. If you want to be a certain character comment who you want to be in it. It would mean a lot. Thanks again :) xx

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