Love At First Faint

Three girls, Lynn, Mica, and Sawyer, won a one in a lifetime chance. Going to a One Direction concert, going backstage to meet the guys, and having a pizza and movie night with them. Lynn is 19, Mica is 18, and Sawyer is 19. What will happen when a celebrity falls for a normal girl from Shafer, Minnesota? Read to find out.


1. Dragging

Lynn's P.O.V

Hi I'm Lynn Judith Stalzer. I'm 18 and I'm about 5'7. I have long dark brown hair, blue eyes, full red lips, and I have a brother named Davie. Because of him I'm really confident and extremely popular. He graduated last year leaving me all alone with our dad that doesn't talk but yells and our mom that can be a real bitch sometimes but she's awesome. I'm the cheerleading captian for wrestling since football ended. I have two best friends who live on both sides of my apartment. There's Mica who has been with me since we weren't even born. She's a little taller than me, has long red hair, piercing green eyes, and is a part time model for Hollister. Then theres Sawyer. Sawyer moved here in 5th grade next door. She's really funny and a total klutz. She's taller than all of us at 5'10, has olive skin, long blonde hair, and the most amazing gold eyes that have slits of purple in them. Anyway, I've just broke up with my boyfriend Jake because he cheated on me with a total slut named Brittany Buick. Me, Mica, and Sawyer all look down on her. Since her middle name is Jane the whole school calls her BJ since she gave her off and on boyfriend Cooper a blow job when we were in fifth grade. Right now it's first period which for me is Chemistry.

I was at my locker when my brothers best friend Charlie thats in my grade came up to me.

"Hey Lynn. What's up?" he said smiling.

"Nothing much just going to Chemistry." I replied.

"Well I know that since we have all  the same classes." he said. Charlie was perfect. He was 6'4 with brown eyes you could just dive into, black hair with a little quiff, was tan, has an eight pack and amazing biceps and pecks and is also the captain of the wrestling team. Everyone says we should date but we're like brother and sister it would feel weird. 

*BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING* the bell screamed. 

"Well we better get going." Charlie said. We walked together to the Chem lab with everyone checking us out. I saw Jake during holes into Charlie just for walking with me. One we took our seats our teacher started talking.

"Ok class today we will just be watching a video over the next chapter we will be studying." Mr Hart said. Once the video started my head fell. Before I knew it I was awaken by a scream and BJ and Jake yelling. I just bursted out laughing when I saw what happened. Brittany had just been giving Jake a handjob when she accidentally knocked over a chemical that burns REALLY bad when made in contact with skin. They were shoved into the special shower and the whole class died laughing because Jake was still hanging out. Once that all was over it was time to go.

"Ok class no homework with weekend." Mr. Hart said making the whole class cheer. I walked out of the class and was immediately accompanied by Mica, Sawyer, and Charlie.

"Hey Lynn!" Sawyer said.

"Hey Sawyer. Any homework in alegbra?" I asked.

"Nope. All we did was sit and talk. It was like a study hall. He didn't even have anything on the board." Mica said.

"Wow that's serious." I laughed. The whole day just seemed to drag on until the final bell rang, I snatched up my books, and ran to my mini cooper thats a deep purple but is all glittery in the sun. The radio came on with Live While We're young just starting. I blared it and sang along until it ended and the dj came on.

"All right people we've got a huge contest for next weekend." he paused. "You could win the chance to meet One Direction with two friends, be front and center at the contest, then hang with them having a pizza and movie party!" he added. I screamed at the top of my lungs and pulled over. "All you have to do is the the fifth caller right..............NOW!!!" I dialed the number and their was a slight pause until.....

"Congrats you won the One Direction party!! What's your name?" he asked.

"Lynn Stalzer." I said really excited.

"Well hello Lynn. Are you pumped to meet them?" he said.

"Yes!!" I shouted. 

"Haha well ok just come by the studio and we'll tell you everything."

"Ok thanks!" i said. We hung up and I sped home. I had to keep this secret.

*One week later*

I had chose Sawyer and Mica to go with me and we were all at my house getting ready. I put on while Sawyer had on and Mica took forever to get . We all piled into my car and drove to the arena. It. Was. Crazy

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