Burning the fire

The night seemed dark only one star shone brightly above me. Camila Blacc is my name and I ran as fast as I could. I could hear small set of paws running behind me. I knew who it was.


Little did I know that, my plans were going to change abruptly.
Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me, turning around slowly; I thought I would find my father behind me.


4. Chapter 4

Finally it was time for lunch. Looking Nicki’s table wasn’t hard. Once I had found her I headed for the line of people that was in front of the fruit bar. There were strawberries, 3 of them. Strawberries are my favorite type of fruit.  Maybe this wasn’t my day but, eating strawberries would totally fix it. Soon the line in front of the fruits became cleared out and it was my turn. I took the first strawberry, I really didn’t want to look greedy so after a few seconds I reached for the next one but, stopped short when I saw that another hand also reached for it. The hand moved fast and scooped up the strawberry. I followed the hand with my eyes and saw a stranger’s beautiful face smiling. I didn’t know the guy’s name so he was the stranger from the fruit bar in my head from on now till I find out his name. “Do you mind?” the stranger asked. “Yea I do, can I please have it back?” I asked. I don’t want to sound mean or annoying but this was my precious strawberry and I definitely wasn’t going to let someone take it from me without a fight. The stranger seemed offended and he offered to the strawberry back. I took it gladly but then felt bad. Strawberries are made to bring happiness and I just snatch happiness from someone else.  So before I went to Nicki’s table , I went to the stranger who was still picking at fruits at bar and held up the smallest strawberry from my plate.

“Gosh thanks, you know strawberries are my favorite fruit now I have a …very…. small strawberry” the stranger said.

 “You’re Welcome”.

“Oh right, Thank You, Hey you’re not from around here are you?”

“No, how do you know?”

“Well I haven’t seen you around here, oh your that new student right?”


“Catherin…no….Camila Blacc right”?

“Yea, but you can call me Cami”

“Well welcome then, hey you want to sit with me?”

“Um, I have somewhere to sit, Thank You”

 “Oh, who are you siting with?”

“Nicki” I answered pointing to Nicki’s crowded table


“She wont mind” Jules made his way to Nicki’s table and whispered something in her ear. He came back and said “she said its ok I can steal you” he smiled guiding me toward his table.

I walked to the table with the guys. Jules was right behind me. As soon as the guys saw me they started whistling. Not the kind that you hear every morning because of the birds. But the kind that you hear, when a pretty girl walks in to a bar full of drunk guys. My immediate reaction was blushing. I sat down and all the guys leaned toward me. Asking million of questions. Some asking me for my number, others asking me how my day went. I just shrugged them off and turned to Jules. Who sat in front of me smiling.

“Ay yo, Jules where you get this hottie from?” asked a guy with dark hair and amazing blue eyes.

“Oh shut it, Dereck by the way her name is Camila.”


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