Burning the fire

The night seemed dark only one star shone brightly above me. Camila Blacc is my name and I ran as fast as I could. I could hear small set of paws running behind me. I knew who it was.


Little did I know that, my plans were going to change abruptly.
Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me, turning around slowly; I thought I would find my father behind me.


3. Chapter 3

Just then the bell started ringing, all the kids started getting their things and packing them. What seemed like millions streamed out though the door and toward the hallway, that according to the map was the cafeteria. I looked around and expected to see myself alone in the room. But Nicki stood there waiting till I packed my books and headed out.

Nicki said “I told you I was going to fill you in on who was who right so here we go, that person over there is Daniel Render. He’s a baseball player. Kind of hot but not the way to go. That is Austen James. Football player. Along with Taylor Preens, Ethan Maples, Jose Torres, Julio Menes, Nathan Garcia, Miguel Robert, Samuel Lee, Tristan Fanner, Cory John and whole lot of people. Cute as well. But then we enter the world of hotness. There you will find Jules Sexy Shanesi which is hot and then you see Dereck Hotness Rheef. Which are definitely the two most adorable guys at school. But Jules doesn’t date many girls at this school and Dereck doesn’t date much either. Don’t ask me why cuz, I don’t know.

“So if you’re the nerdy kind, you can group up with them.” Nicki said pointing to the group of students sitting at the corner.

“That’s Jack Lanker, the one with the orange shirt. That’s Fredrick Hanoi, Jessica Quell, Anisette Carafes, McKenzie Newels, Kay Mutest, Jenkins Jay, Craig Lime, and Bob Fricke.

“Wait, how do you know everyone’s name..? I asked

“I don’t know, don’t interrupt me” Nicki said with a breath taking smile.

“Emos over there and the Goth as well in that corner.”

“Gangsters over there do not enter that corner or you’d probably get shoot”

“He’s a gangster?” I asked pointing to a boy wearing a bandana.

“Yes, his name is Magic Hester, that’s Daddy Boy and the rest.

“Wow ” I asked                                                                     

“That’s not all, these are the most popular people though, I will introduce you to my group of girl at lunch” Nicki said.


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