Football Frenzy

Best friends, Louis and Catherine absolutely love football. Not watching it, but playing it. They train every week together, play games in the park together and talk about if together. After knowing Catherine for years, Louis knows that she is a good, down to earth type of girl, but what will happen when she mixes in with the wrong crowd?

Credit to Chelsea (TakeMeHome) for the idea and for creating the cover for me! Check out her Movellas!


2. Training

Catherine's POV


"Hey Lou," I smile when he arrives to meet me at the local field.

"Ready to start training?" he asked taking a gulp of water from his bottle.

"More ready than I will ever be."

He shoots me a weird look as he walks backwards towards where I dropped the ball earlier when I arrived.

I stick my tongue out at him. Which he always finds amusing as that's what a five year old would do.

I run up to him and we start off with keepy upies. He does one then passes it to me where I do one then pass it back to him. Our high score is sixty, so we always aim to beat it everytime we train.

69, 70, 71

"Only by eleven, but we beat it," he holds his hand up for a high five.

I decide to be awkward and not give him one.

"What's the matter?" he wonders.

"Nothing, I just don't want to give you a high five."


"Excuse me!"

He see's the look of pure evil in my eyes and begins running away. I of course start chasing after him until I'm too worn out to continue

"Out of breath already?" he shouts from the other side of the field.


Louis POV


That girl seriously needs to increase her stamina

"You're to fast for me," she shouts

I begin walking back towards her and just as i reach her she miraculously gains her breath back and tackles me to the ground

"Got you," she chuckles

She's crouched over top of me, her face so close to mine, I can almost taste her minty toothpaste.

I've never noticed how brown her eyes are before now. Her hair is tied back into a messy bun on top of her head and she is wearing no make up as usual when she trains. She still looks really pretty though.

I realise I'm still staring into her eyes and look away. She moves away and holds out a hand to me

"Come on," she says.

I grab hold of her hand and am about to pull myself up, when a different idea springs to mind.

I pull her arm harder than she pulls mine and she ends up on the ground next to me.

"So this training is turning out to be hours of messing around," she breaths heavily. 

"Yeah, but it's great the not take things seriously sometimes. Training gets boring on a friday when you've alrady done it for three days that week.

"I guess, but you need all the practise you can get if you want to win this years championship."

"You saying I won't without training?" I tease.

"No, but it's always good to get in some extra practise."

She turns to face me.

"I was joking."


I notice mud all down her arms and legs.

"What would you say to going home now and missing the rest of pracitse?" I ask, standing up.

"I would say, lets do this poo!

I laugh at the cheesy saying.

She stands up and skips off out of the gates, grabbing her bag on the way. I run after her, also grabbing my things on the way out.




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