Football Frenzy

Best friends, Louis and Catherine absolutely love football. Not watching it, but playing it. They train every week together, play games in the park together and talk about if together. After knowing Catherine for years, Louis knows that she is a good, down to earth type of girl, but what will happen when she mixes in with the wrong crowd?

Credit to Chelsea (TakeMeHome) for the idea and for creating the cover for me! Check out her Movellas!


3. The good old days

Louis POV
We run home to my house, dropping our bags with exhaustion once we get inside.
"Wow, that was on tiring run," she complains.
"Want a drink?" I offer.
"Got any hot chocolate? I could really use some warming up right now."
"Yeah, just make yourself comfy and turn the TV on," I say making my way into the kitchen.
I grab two cups from the cupboard and pour in the powder as the kettle boils.
Five minutes later I wander into the living room as she is flicking trough the channels.
"Look footballs on. I find if funny how we don't like watching it," she laughs.
"Anything decent on?" I say emphasising the word decent.
"Yeah there's a repeat of sweet sixteen."
"I said decent."
"That is decent. For me," she adds.
I sigh. Hopeless.
I hand her the hot chocolate and sit down next to her.
We fight over what to watch until we get to the agreement that we just turn it off altogether.
We sip our drinks in silence.
"Why are we friends Lou?" She suddenly asks me.
"Why are we friends?"
I shoot her a confused look.
"Like, why do you think we get along so well?"
"Because opposites attract"
"Attract hey?"
"I didn't mean it like that."
"Remember when we met?"
"Yeah, we were three. 16 years ago. My god!"
"Those were good days."
"When you stole my sweets?"
"No. You stole mine!"
"No you defiantly stole mine!"
"Yes Louis yes!"
"No Catherine No!"
"Shut up."
"No you shut up!"
Then we both burst out laughing.
"We make a perfect duo," I say staring at the ceiling.
She doesn't say anything and I feel her stare burn into me.
I turn and our eyes lock once again.
After a few seconds I break the connection.
"I'll just go put the cups in the kitchen," I say standing up. 
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