Football Frenzy

Best friends, Louis and Catherine absolutely love football. Not watching it, but playing it. They train every week together, play games in the park together and talk about if together. After knowing Catherine for years, Louis knows that she is a good, down to earth type of girl, but what will happen when she mixes in with the wrong crowd?

Credit to Chelsea (TakeMeHome) for the idea and for creating the cover for me! Check out her Movellas!


5. Cute boy

Catherine's POV

"Go and get changed then darling," my mum orders as I place both cups in the washing up bowl.

I do as she says and change out of my kit into a pair of pink denim shorts, grey crop top, showing off my pink belly bar, and some grey plimsoles.

I pull out my hair and let it fall down. I give it a quick brush then swipe some mascara on.

I grab a small bag, stuffing in purse, phone and lipgloss before leaving.

"All ready," I say entering the kitchen.

"Then lets go."

We climb info her car and set off to the big shopping centre in town.

"Where to first?" She questions.


"Off we co then."

I pile a basket high with clothes, trying things on.

I end up giving a few things back as they don't fit, but spend a lot of money on the clothes. Well mum payed for half of if. She kept insisting it.

We wander out of primark and grab a quick bite to eat. Mum tells me to wait outside with the bags while she buys a two sandwiches from a shop.

As I'm waiting a really good looking boy catches my eye. He has green eyes, with incredible curly hair. He shows off cute dimples as he smiles at me. Being polite I smile back.

Just as he walks away, mum returns with the sandwiches.

We find a bench and sit and eat them.

The rest of the day is full of shopping and talking and laughing. I forgot how good a day I can have with my mum.

I noticed as the boy walked past again, it was the fifth time I had seen him today. Strange....
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