Football Frenzy

Best friends, Louis and Catherine absolutely love football. Not watching it, but playing it. They train every week together, play games in the park together and talk about if together. After knowing Catherine for years, Louis knows that she is a good, down to earth type of girl, but what will happen when she mixes in with the wrong crowd?

Credit to Chelsea (TakeMeHome) for the idea and for creating the cover for me! Check out her Movellas!


1. Best friends

Catheines POV

My names Catherine and I basically live with my best friend Louis. Together we share the same interest in football. You may be thinking 'but you're a girl?' So what? Girls can like football too. I wouldn't say I'm much of a tomboy, only when it comes to sport. I do often play tennis or rugby, but just when I've got nothing better to do with my time. Football is a regular thing with me. Me and Louis train together every week; we visit the local field Monday to Friday. We arrive at six, training for three hours then leaving at nine. We get a lot of work done in that amount of time. It's just us two who train, the rest of his team don't tend to train with him. They do their own type of training which is completely different to ours. We have some fun with it and always enjoy a challenge. You may have noticed I said 'his' team. I'm not on a team yet. Even though I really do enjoy playing, I haven't tried out for a team. I have no idea why. I will when I feel the right time has come. Anyway. Like I said before, I'm only a tomboy when it comes to sport. Outside of training and having a kick about I wear normal girl clothes; skirts, shorts, leggings, the usual. I wear eyeliner, mascara, foundation and lipgloss. I even wear dresses. So I guess you can say I'm your typical teenage girl. My hair is a real dark brown and it's very long. Well not extremely long, but it goes past my shoulders. I usually curl the ends so I have loose ringlets. I have no fringe, just a middle parting. My eyes a brown. My skin is a decent shade; not pale, not really dark. I tend to tan easily which I love. I love a nice tan. I'm middle sized and I'm nineteen years old. I enjoy normal teenage things like boy bands, dramas on TV, art, dance. Although I'm not the best at dancing, I just dance around my bedroom. I don't do any proper dance lessons or anything. No way!

Louis POV

I'm Catherine's best friend. We are both in love with football. I wouldn't use the word obsessed as that doesn't quite work with football. I would describe myself as the funny guy who always knows how to cheer someone up. I have brown flicky styled with blue eyes. You know, I won't describe them as 'sparkling' or 'deep like the ocean' because that's just what's girls use to describe blue eyes. Why? Girls are weird. Catherine's weird. But I love her. In a friendly way. We've been best friends for years and she's a really sweet, dose to earth girl. She would do anything for anyone and she is a good girl. Will never do anything wrong. Complete opposite to me. But that's what makes us click. Two peas in a pod. God that saying is annoying. Anyway, best get up, training time.
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