Football Frenzy

Best friends, Louis and Catherine absolutely love football. Not watching it, but playing it. They train every week together, play games in the park together and talk about if together. After knowing Catherine for years, Louis knows that she is a good, down to earth type of girl, but what will happen when she mixes in with the wrong crowd?

Credit to Chelsea (TakeMeHome) for the idea and for creating the cover for me! Check out her Movellas!


7. Authors note

Do you hate me? Please don't..... I keep forgetting to update this Movellas and that kind of makes me a bad author, right? I'm so sorry, I really am. I am going to start writing the next chapter now.
But I am ever so sorry to leave you hanging, but homework isn't much of an excuse as I have been getting plenty of free time, oops. Sorry once again.
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