Project z back for blood

jack is back the group died he has to live what else can be done


1. The great escape

I was took from my group i have no idea whats happend to them but i have to survive but its hard to kill zombies when your in a small white room tied to a chair what happend to me its time i come back its time i rise again. Two men walked into the room and started questioning me about my old, old group that i ran i look one of the men in the eye and head butted him turned around grabbed the men i headbutteds gun and shot both the men their i manged to cut myself loose on a broken pipe i found my self in a compound and knew i had to escape i searched found a door leading out rather fast i left and relised i had been in a hospital.


I plundged myself back into that waste land i used to call home i made my self a list of things to do

1: find weapons

2: find location possible prison and set up camp

3: kick ass

4: make a group

5: start inventing

6: kick some more ass

well its time i get to work


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