Project z back for blood

jack is back the group died he has to live what else can be done


3. Task 2

The walkers would break in i only had a small amount of time to set up baricades i went to the main floor and started looking for tools to use to barricade the windows i figured the janitor would store them some where i walked in to the staff room and saw bodies layed out shot through the head what had humanitie become? I decided not to stay here so i searched for a bag to put the wepons in and i found a duffle bag i walked slowly down the stairs because i heard footsteps a saw a Z their i tried to sneak up on it but i noticed me and went haywire a tried to attack me but kept missing it turned around and looked at me and i noticed he had no eyes and he was a cop i dont what cold son of bitch would have done this i dont know but i dont want to know him or... her i got out my gun and pointed it at its head and  rebang  i blew his head off it reminded me of my first kill  a walker tried to grab my litttle sister so with my home made i pick i hit it in the head and sent it to the floor i then curb stomped its face good times. I ran to the armory and put on some body armor and filled my bag up with weapons and as i was grabing a shot gun i saw some keys it said on them POLICE VAN i think i just found my ride.

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