Project z back for blood

jack is back the group died he has to live what else can be done


2. TASK 1

after leaving that hospital and setting my priorities i decided to look for weapons but first i would need to find out where i was. I saw a sign saying THE STRIP --> i was in america they must have got a plane to work being in vegas opened up all sorts of options i was thinking of landmarks the tops casino being one still a prison was top of my list so i guessed i should find a map to look for prisons while i was walking down the street i saw a sign saying POLICE STATION ^ so i rushed their knowingthey would have weapons i was exited to go back to the old days when ireached the police station i saw a zombie it started head towards me i got out my gun and shot at it then more walkers started to appear i dashed into the police station and locked the door behind me i started searching for doors to lock and walkers i didnt find any walkers thank god but what i did find was guns and batons and riot gear and just about everything i could want.                                                                                                                                          I was gonna be here a while

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