Forever to Never

Sabrina(based on me) has to put up with the abused of her brother....Liam Payne everyone thinks Liam is the inoccent one but they thought wrong.Hope you enjoy:)


18. Where am I?(part two)

~Sabrina's p.o.v~

I hear voices,all I see is black,I struggle to open my eyes.After several tries they open,I'm in an unfimilar room"Where am I?"I whisper,a fimiliar boy with curly hair turns around"Oh my gosh Sabrina your awake"He says"Who is Sabrina?,"I ask,"and who are you"I finish."Shit"he says,a boy with dark brown hair leaves the room and comes back in with a doctor I think."Hi Sabrina"she said"who is sabrina?"I asked again"You are of course"Dr.Karmon said well thats what her name tag said"Well as you can see she has amneisha"she said to the 5 boys.They all nodded"well when is she allowed to leave"asks a blonde dude."tomorrow we still need to test her for other things"she said.

~Liam's p.o.v~

I couldn't help but to feel guilty,I nearly killed my own sister fuck sakes!This completly opened my eyes.No questions asked,I learned."ok we'll be back tomorrow"I said and we all walked out."this is terrible"I cried"It's going to be okay"Harry said soothingly,"no it isn't she doesn't even remember us"I said more calmer."I just remembered something guys our girlfriends are gonna be here tomorrow."Niall said

A/N sorry for the short chapter-xoxo Sativa


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