Forever to Never

Sabrina(based on me) has to put up with the abused of her brother....Liam Payne everyone thinks Liam is the inoccent one but they thought wrong.Hope you enjoy:)


16. More Questions or more cuts?

~Sabrina's p.o.v~

This girl asked me if I'm only dating Harry for his fame,like what the fuck."ok anymore questions"asked Katheleen(That's the interveiwer)"ME!Ok Sabrina you are a bitch for stealing Harry away from me"She said"You don't even make sense"I said with not even the slightest idea of what I was saying.My mind was racing with questions,I'm the one who didn't make sense now."I'm saying YOUR.A.BITCH."the girl said.Along with load of other girls saying things like'I bet your cheating on Harry already',or 'your a bitch for stealing Harry'.That's when i had enough I got up and screamed"SHUT UP,how are you to know if I was cheating on Harry,YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO CALL ME A BITCH OR SLUT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT IF YOU HAVE NO GOD DAMN CLUE WHO I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I stormed off when I got off the stage place I started to run,and I ran all the back to the hotel.I locked the room door and then I locked my self in the bathroom'I know I have a razor in here somewhere'I thought to myself,'I FOUND IT'I yelled in my head.I leaned against the bathtub while the blood ran down my arms and onto the floor"I havn't felt this feeling in a long time"I said to myself.There was 10 cuts on each arm in total of 20 cuts yay,not.I was slowly drifting away when I heard the room door open'SHIT I forgot they also had a room key'I said in my head"Sabrina where are you"Liam called,'does he really care now'I thought. Someone came over and tried to open the door"Guys I think she's in here"Niall said or atleast I thought it was Niall,I couldn't hear properly."I'll get a toothpick"someone said.The door opened and I heard Harry scream"Sabrina don't leave me,"he said"I love -" everything went to black.

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