Forever to Never

Sabrina(based on me) has to put up with the abused of her brother....Liam Payne everyone thinks Liam is the inoccent one but they thought wrong.Hope you enjoy:)


19. Goodbyes and Hellos

~Sabrina's p.o.v~

I said goodbye to Dr.Karmon and the other nurses,it seemed they liked having me as a paitent."Where are we going curly?"I asked the curly haired boy driving."The airport and I'm Harry"He said"Ok Harry why are we going to the airport?"I asked Harry"The other boys girlfriends are gonna be here"he replied"What about your girlfriend?"I asked yet another question."Well you are my girlfriend,you were anyway"said Harry."Really I was your girlfriend,but your in One Direction your to good for me"I said,Harry gasped."Well how am I supposed to remember everything,your lucky that I remembered that you are in 1D,thats all I remember"I say to him.He just sat quietly.

~Harry's p.o.v~

She remembered I was in One Direction.That's it,though.Kylie isn't going to be so happy when her best friend doesn't remember her.5 minutes,10 minutes,15 minutes had passed,'Can this go on any longer!'I thought."What time is it?"Sabrina asked"It's 1:15"I anwsered this time.We were now at the airport waiting for Kylie,Lauren,Audrey, and Kennedy's plane to come in.Like 2 minutes had passed before the annouced flight 293 was coming in,thats their flight.

~Lauren's p.o.v~

Our plane was just landing,I couldn't wait to see the boys(espeicially Zayn),I also can't wait to finally meet Sabrina,Harry's girlfriend.I walked in to the airport with Kennedy,Audrey,and Kylie.

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