Forever to Never

Sabrina(based on me) has to put up with the abused of her brother....Liam Payne everyone thinks Liam is the inoccent one but they thought wrong.Hope you enjoy:)


3. All around the world

~Sabrina's p.o.v~
I'm home alone for the next year that is unless Liam comes home from the tour early or I have to go with him, ugh!"finally he's gone"I sighed to myself."wait Sabrina your comming with us on tour"Liam called out"dammit"I said to myself "well hurry up and pack your suitcase"he scowled.Man if looks could kill I'd be dead by now."fine"I said grabbing my clothes and throwing them into my case I didn't bother folding them because I knew he was in a hurry.'wow a year with these douchebags just great'I thought.I wanted to stay here and see Issy but nooo.

~Liam's P.o.v~
I got into Paul's van waiting for Sabrina.'I wish she would hurry the fuck up'I was thinking.Me and Ky were texting back and forth for about am hour so I told her that I needed to go and I would talk to her soon.*5 minutes later*FIANALLY Sabrina is finished packing she is sooo slow.during the car ride there was just an awkward silence noone was talking or whispering at all it seemed soo wrong.We are at the airport now waiting for our plane to come in.Everyone was staring at Sabrina considering she had a huge blue bruise near her eye,I punched her but nobody knew that.
A/n sorry if it was boring this was just a filling chapter.No hate please it is my first story cut me some slack!
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