Turn it up

This story is about a girl band called Patchwork there is three people in this band and they love singing they auditioned for Britains got talent and they came second place they meet one direction at a concert and fireworks star to happen.


3. The day after the concert(meeting 1D)

"Hey guys do you wanna go to the pool?"asked Sky"sure"said Bo " let me just get ready".

(At the pool)" wow this pool is huge" I said. "Guys check out who is lounging out in the pool and by the pool"said sky, "who" I said "one direction" " shut up" said Bo "seriously check over there" said Sky. "Ok let's start swimming a few laps and clowning around then let's go see them" I said "good idea Joy"said Bo.

We got in the Pool and then started chatting loads and clowning around making each other laugh when suddenly some boys came up to us we were all laughing so we didn't notice. "What are you girls laughing about?" Said Liam. We all stopped laughing and Bo said "oh we were laughing about a crazy dance that Sky did" as she motioned to sky with her hand."let's see it then" said Louis."ok show them sky"I said she did the crazy dance again and we all burst out laughing. " that was hilarious" said Niall whilst laughing " hey aren't you the girls from turn it up" said Zayn " yes I didn't know that you like us" I said. " yeah we love you girls" said Harry " aww that's so flattering" said Bo." So you staying in this hotel?" Asked Louis " yeah room 42 on level 5" said Sky " woo that's such a weird coincident cause we live in room 43 on level 5" said Zayn." No way"I said. " guys we gotta go" said Liam " see you again" said Harry.
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