Turn it up

This story is about a girl band called Patchwork there is three people in this band and they love singing they auditioned for Britains got talent and they came second place they meet one direction at a concert and fireworks star to happen.


4. Room service

"Omg I can't believe we just saw one direction"said Sky excitedly "yeah Harry was so cute"Said Bo "fuck did I just say that out loud""yes yes you did"I said

We were in our in our room when suddenly someone knocked on our door," room service"someone said in a fake Italian accent "did you guys order room service"asked Bo"no did you Joy"said Sky "nope but let's open the door girls get ready to attack!!" I said in my best we will win this tone. I opened the door slowly and we just saw five cheeky looking boys standing there. "Hi we didn't order room service"I said "you didn't oh well want two free pizzas" asked Louis."totally we are starving we haven't had anything for a couple of hours".
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