Turn it up

This story is about a girl band called Patchwork there is three people in this band and they love singing they auditioned for Britains got talent and they came second place they meet one direction at a concert and fireworks star to happen.


2. Before their first concert

Joy pov

"Come on Bo you can fix your hair when you get to London we have a half an hours drive ahead of us we can't be late for the concert!" I shouted at Bo."fine then we are leaving without you" shouted sky." No need I'm ready" shouted Bo back down stairs as she was fast walking to the car."finally you are here now let's go".

" come on help me check into the hotel you do realise I just drove here!"I said."sure thing" said Bo.
We checked in to the hotel." Fifth floor room 42"said the lady at the counter. "Thanks" said Sky.

We got to our room and unpacked everything And had a nap before the concert.
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