Summer Camp

This is a true story about my summer with my friends at camp, i am going to change the names of some people and the name of the camp. 4 friends Lauren, Emilija (you say it like Amelia),Sam, and Rowan all friends, starting a summer camp that 3 of them have been going to forever and its Emilija's first year. but this year they are old enough to be LIT's Leaders In Training. And note they are going into 7th grade so they are only 12. (the cover is not of my camp friends but one of the pictures from my vacation at the beach, I have no pics from camp on here)


2. Our Counsler?

I saw a lot of people from school, including my bff Sam and my flute buddy Emilija. Also Mbogo, Pheonix, Kayley, and Maia were also in our group. And you wouldn't believe who was our counsler! Ben! The counsler we played the trick on. Emilija, Rowan, Sam, and I were arguing about how i was too obsessed with wolves.

"I think its fine to be obsessed," I said sticking my tongue out at Sam.

"Lauren, all i'm saying is its unhealthy" She said putting a hand on my shoulder. "and you know its bad when somebody has an app dedicated to pictures of them on her ipod."

"Is not!!"

"Is to!"

"Nuh uh"

"Uh huh"

"Why are you so against wolves, they are beautiful powerful and majestic, everything that you aren't." she hit me on the shoulder playfully.

"I think they are cool, Lauren" Emilija said.

"Yay, you are now my best friend!"

"What about us!?" Rowan and Sam pouted.

"You don't like wolves and Emilija does!" I exclaimed hugging Emilija.

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