Summer Camp

This is a true story about my summer with my friends at camp, i am going to change the names of some people and the name of the camp. 4 friends Lauren, Emilija (you say it like Amelia),Sam, and Rowan all friends, starting a summer camp that 3 of them have been going to forever and its Emilija's first year. but this year they are old enough to be LIT's Leaders In Training. And note they are going into 7th grade so they are only 12. (the cover is not of my camp friends but one of the pictures from my vacation at the beach, I have no pics from camp on here)


1. First day

"Hey Rowan!" I yelled excitedly earning me a few looks from other kids. I sat down next to her literally buzzing with with excitement. I took out my i-pod and and offered a headphone to Rowan who gladly took it. "Can we play this new song i got?" i asked as i scrolled through my songs.

"Is it by One Direction?" She asked. i looked at her confused. "As long as its not by One Direction i'm okay with it." i stuck my tongue out at her causing a massive grin to spread across her face.

"Sadly its not by One Direction" i faked a pouty face."Its called Stand in The Rain by Superchick" i clicked on the song leaned back and tried to ignore all the hubbub around me. (Authors note i was literally thinking hubbub im sorry i am a real weirdo.) finally we arrived at camp, yayayayayayayayayayyayaayy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

"Calm down its only camp."

"But its our favorite camp!"

"Whatever you say."

"To bad Courtney is not here," i laughed remembering our old times. "We could never have pulled off the chocolate milk prank without her." Rowan laughed remembering."Or that time she pantsed John in the courtyard at free-time, or when we used to steal stuff from his backpack." we laughed remembering how John never punished us even though he was our counsler. (Authors note the chocolate milk prank was when my friends and i took a regular empty water bottle filled it up with mud grass and some dirt mixed it up told our counsler:Not John: it was chocolate milk and he drank some of it, best moment and that was when we were only like 7-8).


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