Another World

Juliet is just the girl in the corner hidden behind a book. But she is noticed by the boys of a band and is hunted down by them. When they find her in school they see her troubles and help.


1. Juliet Rose Cathers- Chapter 1

"Kiss me now cause I will wake up and realize this was a dream"I said and before the mystery boy's lips touched mine I awoke to the sun in my eyes. I got up and hopped in the shower "Juliet"I heard my mum call an I instantly knew I was late. "Okay hold on"I shouted getting dressed and blow drying my curly hair. I grabbed my black backpack and ran down the stairs in my beat up converse. "You are making me late Juliet Rose Cathers and I will not have it"my mum lectured me about being late and blah blah blah. "Bye"I said getting out of the car and running to my locker to get my history book. "Hey Brooke"I said to my friend. "Hi"she said and I looked at her "I had the strangest dream"I said and she looked at me "a guy kissed me but I couldn't see his face"I said and she laughed "I know it was a dream because no guy would actually kiss you Jules" she said "aww thanks Brooke you know you are the best"I said walking off. "What you actually think any guy would fall for you" she added and I turned to face her. "Maybe just maybe you could shut the frack up so I could gain at least a grain of confidence"I said and walked off for real this time. A tear streamed down my face.

****after school

I walked along the fence of the cemetery. I sat and the ground a tree supporting me "why me why do I have to be the girl who is hated"I said closing my eyes feeling the wind on my face and the snowflakes fall on my eyelashes. "Are you okay"a boy asked making me jump "Yeah I am totally fine"I said opening my eyes to see five boys standing in front of me. "I gotta go but thank you for your concern"I said scrambling to my feet. I ran off feeling their stares follow me until I disappeared into the forest.


The lads and I were taking a short cut home through the cemetery when we saw a girl about 18 years old sitting against a tree. "Are you okay"Louis asked making her jump. She was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with white skinny jeans and black beat up converse "Yeah I am fine"she said and looked around at us "I gotta go but thank you for your concern" and ran off into the forest. "She was cute"Harry said and I slapped him in the back of his head. "We have to find her"Zayn said and I nodded "let's just focus on the school concert we are doing tonight"I said and we left.

***later that night LIAM'S POV***

I looked out of the curtain I saw a huge crowd mostly girls. "Let's do this"Niall said smiling. "I have to pee"Louis said walking away to the hallway towards the bathroom thoroughly the girls locker room. I followed him and we heard crashing and a girl crying. We walked around the corner to see the girl in the corner balled up. "Please don't hurt me"she said. "What's your name love"I asked and she said "Juliet Rose Cathers" she said. "Well Juliet you can trust us we won't hurt you"I told her extending my hand while standing up.

Juliet's POV

He stood up extending his hand I knew I could trust them. I took it and stood up, they took me backstage of the concert "oh you are part of the band"I said casually. "Are you okay"the blonde one asked taking my hands "y-yeah I-I'm okay"I stuttered. "Okay good Liam told me you were quite frightened when he found you"he said I got lost in his blue eyes. "I was scared you were Finn"I managed to say. "Niall we gotta go on"Liam said and I nodded letting him go. "Welcome One Direction"loris said smiling and coming backstage. "Hey you are not allowed back here"there security guard said. I just looked in his eyes and he broke down crying. "Baby Girl"
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