Die Young (One Direction Fan Fiction)

(R Rated) Munro is an average girl, but when she goes for a visit down to London with her best friend Phyre and her "Lover" Niall, will she fall for someone (s) else? or will Niall's past affect his future?
Things are good, kisses are meaningfull, feelings are strong, relationships are good. But when it rains it pours, fights break out, hearts are broken, people are hurt, fist are thrown, tears shed, and things are said.
But who said the grass is greener on the other side? It's green where you water it.


2. I'm Ready

Niall's POV

'Okay, okay i just need to chill. It'll be fine, just don't make yourself look like an Idiot.' I walked forward and rang the door bell. 

Munro's POV

I heard the door bell ring, i new it was him, so i jolted down the stairs and once I got to the door i waited a bit to make seem like I didn't just use all my speed to run to the door. A few seconds past and I heard him move his hand to knock on door but before he could I opened the door. He fell forward a bit but caught himself before he actually fell. Once I saw him I gave him a big hug. I had missed him so much and it hadn't hit me that we get to spend three weeks together! I was so excited! We stayed hugging for about 5 minutes, we walked in the house holding hands.

'I'm hungry!' He stated pointing at his mouth. 

'What do you want to eat?'   'Ummmm, pancakes!'  

'Okay one batch of pancakes coming right up! Umm come with me to the kitchen!'

'Okay!' I grabbed his hand and brought him to the kitchen, not wanting him to be left in the room, with Phyre somewhere around.

'Can you grab some syrup from the fridge please?' I asked while making the last of the pancakes.

'Sure!' God he was so, just so I don't how to explain it without saying perfect.

Niall's POV

Once I got the syrup I went back to my seat. I could hear someone upstairs but i didn't know who it was.

'Munro, who's upstairs?'

'Oh, umm that's Phyre. He umm, he doesn't really like you?'

'Why not!?!'

'Well umm, because of what you did.'


'Ya, well anyways umm your pancakes are getting cold! I have to go upstairs really quick i'll be right back.'

Munro's POV

As soon as Niall started eating i went upstairs and got ready. While i was doing my hair in the bathroom Phyre walked in, and started brushing his teeth. 

'I know your made at him, but give him a second chance.' 

'Why! Why should I give HIM of all people in the world a second chance after what he did to you!'

'Phyre! If I could forgive after what HE did to ME so can you!'

'I'm NOT and I mean NOT gonna give him a second chance!' 

'Please.....' I said almost in tears..... 

'I'm sorry but no.' he pulled me into a tight hug and whispered to me 'I'm only doing this for you.'

Niall's POV

I heard yelling upstairs, but decided to ignore it. I finished my pancakes and went outside to get my stuff. I didn't know which car we were going in so I just put my stuff in the house. It was silent when i walked in the house, I didn't know what was happening up there so, i checked the time 8:45 a.m. I went upstairs to Munro. I went to her room. When I went to her room I noticed she had a guitar. I went into her room and sat on her bed picking up her guitar. I started strumming the tune of a song i had written called 'Summer Love.' While I was about finished Munro walked in, 

'Hello love!'

'Hey umm can you come here for a sec.'

'Ya, sure umm why?' i said while i stood up a put the guitar down.

'I want to introduce you to Phyre.'

'Oh, okay.' She walked me down the hallway to his room. when i walked in it smelled of cologne and aftershave, making me a bit woozy. He stood up and held his hand out at my not making eye contact. i shook his hand and Munro introduced us. All I got from him was a simple nod. After he let go of my hand he turned to Munro 

Munro's POV

'Sarah Jane isn't coming.' I was so re leaved! 

'But Luke is coming.' 

'Oh My Gosh Really!! I love Luke so much! I cant wait to see him!' I Yelled 

'Well then let's get going!' Niall said claping his hands together.

'Alright! but first we have to go pick up Luke.' Phyre said leaving the room and going down the stairs.

'Are you ready Niall?'

'Yeah, I'm ready,'

(A/N Hey guys! just checking in! What do you guys think Niall did to make Phyre not trust him? Who do you think Luke is? Why does Munro love Luke so much? Good bye loves ill see if I can update tomorrow. Love You xx!) 
















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