Die Young (One Direction Fan Fiction)

(R Rated) Munro is an average girl, but when she goes for a visit down to London with her best friend Phyre and her "Lover" Niall, will she fall for someone (s) else? or will Niall's past affect his future?
Things are good, kisses are meaningfull, feelings are strong, relationships are good. But when it rains it pours, fights break out, hearts are broken, people are hurt, fist are thrown, tears shed, and things are said.
But who said the grass is greener on the other side? It's green where you water it.


1. Can't Wait

     'Munro!' I snapped back into reality, 'Yea?' I said. ' What were you thinking about that could possibly be more important then starting this project!' I could tell he was getting frustrated, I mean I love him like a brother but sometimes he could get mean. 'Nothing' I replied, practically whispering. 'Alright lets get thinking we have a lot to do in a month!'

     Anyways if your wondering who this guy is, he is my best friend! His name is Phyre, we've been friends since i could remember. Also if your wondering what we are working on, it's a big art project, and i don't get why he is over reacting it's due in a month!

'I have an idea!'      

'What is it!?    

'We should go to London and make a replica of Big Ben!'        

'That's a great idea Phyre! but if we go to London can i bring my one of my friends?'

'Sure! Just as long as it's not that Niall kid.' Hearing his name sent shivers down my spine. 

'Well that's to bad because he is going!' i shouted with excitement, i started running up stairs so i could call him

'Well if he's going I'm bringing Sarah Jane!' He yelled up the stairs. He new i didn't like her, but nothing could bring me down because, i was finally gonna see NIALL!!! I hadn't seen him since his mom made him move back to Mullingar, for some reason. Anyways, i started to dial his number.


Niall's POV 

  My phone started ringing. I checked to see who it was, it read on it MUNRO. It took me a bit to remember who she was but then i remembered 'Oh My God!! It's fucking Munro!!' I started remembering all our memories together. when we went to California together, and to the lake, and when we first kissed, and even when we first started talking together... Then I Remembered.... I SHOULD PROBABLY ANSWER THE PHONE! 

'Hel-lo' I stuttered

'Hey is this Niall?' Her heavy Irish accent made me a bit weak at the knees.

'Yes' I said trying to stay cool.

'Oh My God!! Niall This is Munro do you remember me?'

'How could i forget!'

'Anyways i was wondering if you wanted to come to London with me and my friend, we have to go over there and do a project, you wanna come?'

'i would love to come! When are you guys leaving?'

'Tomorrow at 9 am.'

'Okay! I'll be there! how long are you guys planing on staying?

'Three weeks!'

'Okay I'll be at your house tomorrow!'

'Okay, I cant wait!!

'I cant wait either!!'


(A/N Hey guys! What do you guys think so far? I know its kinda boring but It'll get better! xx)



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