Heart Attack

When Niall returns from touring the USA he finds that his best friend Sophie has a boyfriend. Niall is devestated. He was planning on telling her how he felt. Can Niall win Sophie over?


1. UK air

****NIALL'S POV****

Maybe it's just me but walking out the door of the airport I feel better. Being in One Direction is great but sometimes I just need to be a normal nineteen year old. Speaking of being a normal nineteen year old, I see Sophie my best friend. Tonight Liam is going to help me set up the perfect date to confess my love to her. I can't wait. I've secrectly been in love with Sophie since I was fifteen. She runs to me. I open my arms and she jumps on me wrapping her legs around my waist. I snuggle my face into the crook of her neck 

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