I'm In Love With You

Samantha has had a rough life. From being abused by her parents, to living on her own at 17. When she gets a recording contract from a big agency, she beings a new lifestyle. She meets many new famous people and has many short "relationships" with them. When she meets One Direction, she thinks will be just like every other relationship she's ever had. She expects them to use her and have nothing more than a one night stand. Falling in love is not an option.


10. Niall

*Sam's POV*

I can't believe that Niall liked me too. These boys barely knew me. I couldn't believe that they had visited me every day since I got here. I started tearing up. No one, except for Sam, had cared for me this much.

"Whats wrong love?" Niall asked, he was worried.

"Nothing, I just can't believe that you guys have stuck around with me this long. I mean you guys barely know me." A couple tears fell down my cheeks. He wiped them away with his thumbs.

"I knew the moment that you talked to me that you'd be important in my life. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do. I really like you Sam."

I didn't like that they called me Sam, it reminded me of Sam. "Can you call me Samantha, or Sammi? Please?" I asked him quietly.

"Why?..Oh nevermind. Harry told us. Sammi, he also told us what you did and pretty much why. Don't be mad at him, we kind of made him." He looked a bit nervous, expecting me to be mad. Surprisingly, I wasn't. I was actually kind of relieved that I didn't have to explain myself to them. Speaking of Harry,

"Why'd Harry leave?" I thought he'd be the one I'd wake up to.

"Um...he was mad that he had spent a week of his vacation in the hospital. He said something that he didn't mean. I haven't heard from him since, though. He probably went back to the hotel and fell asleep." So Harry hated me now. I didn't blame him. I just kind of dumped all of my problems on him and then this happened. I couldn't blame him for hating me. I hated me too.

"I don't blame him for hating me. He shouldn't have wasted his time here, and neither should've you. Any of you guys."

"Harry doesn't hate you, he just got upset and said somethings that I knew he didn't mean. About 10 minutes before he got mad, he was telling me that you were his. That I wasn't allowed to like you. Then you made a noise and we thought you were waking up, but you didn't and he got pissed and stormed out. He dosen't hate you. In fact, him getting that mad shows that he really does care about you. He wouldn't have reacted that way if he didn't care for you." I knew he was trying to calm me down, and trying to defend Harry.

I knew Harry wouldn't want anything to do with me anymore. I had barely just gotten to know him and I had lost him. I told him everything and he had still left me. Oh well. I should be used to it by now.

"Niall you don't have to lie to me. I know that Harry hates me now, and honestly I can't blame him. I dumped all of my problems on him, then I did this and took a week away from his vacation when he should have been partying hard and meeting girls. I really don't blame him. It was really stupid of me to just tell him all of that stuff."

"Sammi, he does not hate you! He hadn't slept much lately and he just snapped." I could tell he was getting upset.

"Niall, it's okay. Look we just won't talk about this anymore. All that matters is that you're here!" I smiled at him. He blushed and smiled back. "It really so much to me that you're here. I'm not used to anyone actually caring about me."

"I'm really glad that I'm here too. You need someone really badly, I can tell. You need someone to love you Sammi, and I really think that if you give me a chance, I can be that guy. I really want to know everything about you Sammi. Everything good and bad."

"Niall....that is the sweetest thing that anyone has ever told me. And....I think you're right. You're an amazingly sweet guy and I don't think you would ever intentionally hurt me."

"I would never even think about it Sammi." I knew he meant it too. I knew that he could be the guy that I really needed right now. But first, we needed to get to know each other better before actually dating or anything.

"So I'm thinking we can just hang out for a while, you know get to know each other better before we do anything else. That way you can decide if you really like me even though I'm so messed up and pathet-"

He inturrupted me "You are not messed up or pathetic or any other word like that. You're amazing." I blushed badly, I could feel the heat on my cheeks.

He laughed, wow I loved his laugh. it was like an actual ha ha ha. It was adorable and matched him perfectly. I didn't want to loose him either. I had lost Harry but I was not going to loose Niall no matter what.

Then, the doctor walked in. He seemed pretty young to be a doctor.

"Hi Samantha, I'm Dr. Riddle. I've looked over all your data and I think you're okay to go home tonight. Or should I say, tomorrow, since I'm sure you don't want to go home this late." he chuckled.

"Could I go home tonight?" I asked him, hopeful. Niall could come over and we could talk, if he wanted.

"Well if you want to, I don't see a problem with it. Ill get your medication. But I'm going to need you to sign a paper saying that you feel mentally stable and that you're not going to try suicide again."

"Of course."

"We have some clothes for you since you don't have any here. I'll be back with your medication, the paper and your clothes." He walked out and I looked at Niall with excited eyes. I was going home!

"Do you want me to take you home? I can drive you."

"If you want to. I don't mind taking a cab." I didn't want him to be out this late if he didn't want to stay.

"I don't mind taking you home." He smiled his amazing smile at me.

"Okay then." I said grinning back.

The doctor walked in about ten minutes later with my stuff. I signed the paper, knowing I would keep this promise since I broke the promise I had made to Harry. When I put the clothes on, they were about five sizes too big. Niall just laughed at me.

We walked into the parking lot, Niall keeping me steady. I still felt really weak and tired. I told him where my flat was, and he said he knew exaclty how to get there because he had gone to the doughnut shop many times. I just laughed and leaned my head back, looking out the window.

I guess I ended up falling asleep because next thing I knew, Niall was carrying me into my apartment. He carried me into the bedroom and layed me down on the bed. I wanted to go back to sleep so badly.

"Sammi, do you want to just sleep in this or do you want to change into some pajamas?"

I didn't want to sleep in these hospital clothes, who knows who's touched them and worn them.

"Pjs." I mumbled, but I couldn't convince myself to get up and change. I just wanted to sleep.


*Niall's POV*

She wanted to change, but she wouldn't get up. I reached over and took the huge shirt off of her and then slid the huge shorts off of her. She was really fit. I stared for a while before I realized that I needed to get her pjs on her. I looked in some drawers before I found some shorts and a tanktop for her to wear. I slowly slipped them on her, trying not to wake her.

Once I had her completely dressed, I started to get up and leave. I kissed her forehead and started walking towards the door.

"Niall?" She called quietly. I turned around and saw her looking at me with sad eyes.

"Yes love?"

"Could you um...stay here for the night? I don't want to sleep alone. I might have nightmares." She sounded so innocent and she gave me a puppy dog face that I couldn't say no to.

"Of course Sammi." I walked back over to her bed. "Do you mind if I sleep in my boxers? I don't want to sleep in my jeans."

"No it's okay. I don't mind." She winked at me and it was so adorable. I took my jeans off and my shirt. I noticed she was staring at me. When she noticed that I had caught her staring, she blushed furiously. God she was adorable. I climbed into the bed with her and she wrapped her arms around my waist and snuggled close to me.



"I want to ask you something before you fall asleep. It's important."

I was a bit worried. "Okay?"

I looked down at her and she looked worried. "Would you....would you be my boyfriend? I don't want to loose you. And I know I said that I wanted to get to know you better, but I don't want to wait that long. I want you to be mine and I want to be yours." I was shocked. I didn't immediately answer her, I was too shocked.

"Of course, you don't have to say yes. It was stupid of me to ask." She pulled away from me and I could see tears in her eyes. I grabbed her and pulled her back to me.

"Of course Samantha, I would LOVE to be yours. I was just shocked that you asked me. You have no idea how happy I am right now." I was so happy. I was so excited. This gorgeous girl was mine and only mine. Not Harry's.

"God I thought you were rejecting me." She said with a slight chuckle. Then she looked up at me and raised herself up onto her elbow. She bit her lip. God she was so gorgeous, and she was driving me insane. Then she leaned up and softly kissed my lips. I kissed her back just as softly. She layed her head on my chest and fell asleep not long after. I stayed awake a little longer, playing with her hair and thinking how lucky I was.

Then my phone vibrated. I grabbed it. It was a text from Harry.

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me that Sam woke up?!"

I ignored it and went back to playing with her hair. I noticed she was smiling in her sleep. I smiled and fell asleep with her in my arms.

I was the underdog who finally got the girl.





(A/N) This chapter is really sweet and I really like it. I used to plan all the chapters out but now, they've completly changed from what I planned. I guess i just won't plan them anymore. But just keep in mind that just because she's with Niall now, doesn't mean that Harry won't try to win her back. And this is happening before their new album comes out :P so that's where that line in truly madly deeply is going to come from :)

Thank you so much for reading!!!!!!!!! Comment if you're team Harry or team Niall I'd really like to know! If you want to be in the story kik me: maddimonsterr

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