I'm In Love With You

Samantha has had a rough life. From being abused by her parents, to living on her own at 17. When she gets a recording contract from a big agency, she beings a new lifestyle. She meets many new famous people and has many short "relationships" with them. When she meets One Direction, she thinks will be just like every other relationship she's ever had. She expects them to use her and have nothing more than a one night stand. Falling in love is not an option.


3. Leaving

*There's some cussing in this chapter*

"What happened? Sammi, you're scaring me." Sam said in a low voice.

"My dad...he...he did something really bad to me last night."

"Samantha you need to tell me what happened right now." He demanded.

"He...raped me...Sam I can't go to school." He just stared at me, like he didn't believe what I had just said. Then he slowly got up and walked over to the door. I thought he was just going to leave, but instead he punched a huge hole in the door. I jumped and closed my eyes. He was really pissed, and he could get scary when he was this mad.

"Sammi, this is exactly why I want you to come live with me and my mom. This should have never happened. Oh my God I'm going to kill that son of a bitch! Who the hell does he think he is? I'm going to fucking kill him! Samantha, get dressed, I'm taking you to my house. There's no way I'm going to let you go to school today." He said loudly. This was the maddest I've ever seen him. I got up to get dressed and heard a loud gasp. "Sammi, you're covered in bruises."

I looked in the mirror and he was right, I was black and blue. I guess that's why it hurt to move so much. I put on some underwear and a bra, then walked to my closet trying to decide what to wear.

"Samantha, it doesn't matter what the hell you wear, we're just going to my house." He said impaitently. I knew he was right but I am a girl after all, I always want to look my best even if I felt my worse. I grabbed some flare jeans and a white tanktop and was putting them on when my mom walked into the room.

"Samantha, you are going to be late for school. If you are I'm not taking you. But we need to talk." She said in a demanding and some what condecending tone. Sam left the room unwillingly. She sat down on the bed and stared at me as I finished getting dressed. "I know what your father did last night. You cannot say anything to anyone about this. Not even that Sam kid. You say anything and it will definately not be good for you. If anyone asked where you got all of your bruises, then tell them that you got in a fight and got your ass kicked." She was talking as if this was no big deal, as if it didn't matter that her daughter was just raped.

"Mom, I won't say anything to anyone but I want to move out. I know that you and dad don't want me here. I can move in with Sam, his mom already said that I could."

"You are only 16, you can't move out!" She yelled. I was getting scared, but I held my ground.

"I am not going to put up with you abusing me and dad treating me like a damn prostitute or something. You don't even care that he fucking raped me last night! You act like it's not a big deal! Well to me it is, and wether you like it or not, I'm moving out and you can't stop me."

"Samantha, you cannot move out unless I, as your mother, gives you permission. And I do not give you permission!" She yelled then walked out of the room. Sam walked in a few moments later. I knew that he had heard everything.

"I know she said that I can't move out, but I have another idea."

"Sammi, you can't run away, that's not going to help anything."

"I wasn't talking about running away. I can go before a judge and get emancipated. That way I can live on my own and work for the music company."

"Would your parents agree to do it?"

"I'd have to talk to them about it but, I think I can convince them to let me." We then left to go to his house, and we did nothing all day. It hurt me to move much so we just watched movies and ate almost everything in the house.

*Later that evening*

I walked in to the house to find my mom and dad sitting in the living room, which was verrrrrry unusual. I knew something was up. I tried to sneak up the stairs, but I didn't even make it past the third stair.

"Samantha could you come in here please?" My dad called. I sighed and turned around and walked into the living room. There was a woman in a suit sitting on the couch. She has a stack of papers in her hands and was looking at me with a sympathetic look on her face. Ok, now I was really confused.

"Hi Samantha, I'm June Worlder and I work for DSS. Your friend's mom called earlier and told me some disturbing news."

"What did she tell you?" I asked, but I knew the answer. I was getting excited, this could be my chance to get away from my parents.

"She told me that your parents, apparently, abuse you regularly. Is this true?" She asked, I could tell she was kind of mad, probably from something my parents had said before I got there. I looked at my mom to see what I should say. "Please Samatha, just look at me. I want your honest answer, you don't have to be scared to admit the truth." She said in a calming voice. I still didn't answer her question. I knew that if I told her the truth, when she left, my parents would be furious and they would take it out on me. I wasn't looking forward to that. "Okay, I can tell we definately have a problem here. Samantha, could you please show me your room? You two can stay here. An officer will he here mometarily to make sure you stay put."

We walked into my room and she sat on the bed. I could hear the officer drive up and then walk into the house.

"Okay now, I really need your answer Samantha."

"Um...well okay. Yes they do."

"Have they done it recently? Is that how you got those bruises?"

"Um...not exactly."

"Tell me how you got them please."

"Well...um...last night....my dad...he...raped....me..."

"You don't have to be scared anymore Samantha, they can't do anything to you now. Have you told anyone about this?"

"I told my friend Sam, he's the friend whose mother called you. He found me this morning, laying on my bed covered in these bruises."

"Then what happened?"

"He kept talking about how he was going to kill my dad because he had done this. Sam is really protective of me, I've known him my whole life. But he was really mad, and he punched my door, which is how that hole got there."

"Anything else happen?"

"My mom walked in and said we needed to talk. I was getting dressed and she told me not to tell anyone about what my father had done and that just to say I got these bruises cause I was in a fight. Then we argued about me moving out."

"You want to move out? And live where?"

"Well I'd like to live on my own, so I could work for this music company, but if I couldn't I would go live with Sam and his mother. They're totally okay with it, they have invited me several times."

"Well from what I can tell, you have two choices. You can become emancipated since you meet all the requirements, or you can move in with your friend. Either way we need to get you away from this house."

"How long will it take to be emancipated?" I asked excitedly.

"About a week. I actually think that it is the better option here, since you already have a job lined up. I have all the forms right here, so you can start on the paperwork. I'll submit them to a judge and then he will tell you wether he agrees or denys it. I can get your parents to sign it tonight also, that'll speed the process up. In the meantime you are going to have to stay with your friend. Then, when the judge's decision is made, which I think will be in your favor, you move whereever you want to."

"Thank you so much." I said. God I can't believe this is finally happening. I'm actually getting away from my parents.

"I can drive you over to your friends house now, if you want to quickly pack some stuff. I sent an exuse to the school so you don't have to go back for a few days, as long as you need."

"Thanks, I'll be ready in a second." She left the room and I quickly packed everything I would need for a few days.

She drove me over to Sam's house and told me that she would tell me what the judge said. I walked into the house and was immediately attacked by Sam, his mom and his dad. I told them all what happened and they were all really excited.



(A/N) I will be updating as much as I can cause I really like this story. The boys will come in in a couple chapters. I have another cover I want to upload, I just cant right now cause I'm writing this at school ahaha. My friend Morgan made the cover for me, she's awesome and I love her! I might be able to post another chapter tonight, I don't know it depends if I'm in a writing mood or not :) please keep commenting, favoriting and liking! Thank you so much for reading my story!!!

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