I'm In Love With You

Samantha has had a rough life. From being abused by her parents, to living on her own at 17. When she gets a recording contract from a big agency, she beings a new lifestyle. She meets many new famous people and has many short "relationships" with them. When she meets One Direction, she thinks will be just like every other relationship she's ever had. She expects them to use her and have nothing more than a one night stand. Falling in love is not an option.



*Still Harry's POV*

Was she waking up? I rushed to her bed and pressed the button to call a nurse. I grabbed Sam's hand.

"Sam? Can you hear me?" I said to her, my hopes rising. She didn't resond in anyway. "Sam, if you can hear me, can you squeeze my hand? C'mon Sam please." When she still didn't respond, I felt the tears form in my eyes.

"I guess there was no point in texting all the boys that she was waking up then." Niall said with a chuckle. Louis, Liam, and Zayn were worried about her, just not as worried as Niall and I were. Though now I know why Niall was so worried.

"Why the hell would you text them?" I demanded. He was stupid to have texted them because we didn't know if she was for sure waking up.

"I thought she was waking up! You did too Harry!" He was trying to defend himself. I tried to calm down, but I just couldn't. Sam's usual nurse, Bailey, walked in.

"You called?" She had realized that there was nothing wrong and now just seemed annoyed. She had become pretty good friends with me and Niall because we were here so much.

"We thought she was waking up, she groaned a few minutes ago." I explained because I didn't want her to be mad at us and kick us out like she did when all of us were here one time. We were bored and nothing was happening with Sam so we decided to play tag. We ran through out the hospital until Bailey stopped us. She acted like a mom to us, which wasn't necissarily a bad thing.

"Oh she did?" Bailey interrupted my thoughts. "Well that's a good sign. She'll probably wake up soon then. I thought she was going to wake up when they took her off life support. I guess I wasn't too far off" She laughed then turned and walked out the door.

"The boys are still on their way. I told them it was a false alarm but they said they had nothing better to do, so they're coming over."

"Okay whatever." I was still a little mad but I knew it was pointless anger.

"Hey man, don't be mad at me cause I was excited and I texted them."

"I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Sam. She needs to fucking wake up 'cause I'm really tired of waiting around here all day for her to do nothing. This is all her fault anyways. I don't know why I'm even still here. I don't really know this chick and I don't need to be here." I stood up from the chair beside her bed and started walking to the door.

"Harry, you don't mean that. I know you care about Sam a lot." He stood up too, trying to stop me from leaving but it wasn't going to work. I was so tired of being here almost all day every day.

"I don't know her, Niall. There's no point in me being here. You can stay, I don't care. But I'm going. I'm not going to spend all night here again.

"Harry don't go!" But I ignored him and walked out. As I was walking to the entrance, I saw the boys get out of the van. I walked right by them and ignored them when they asked me where I was going. I just kept going until I got to my car. I quickly got in and drove away as fast as possible. I didn't know where I was going, but knew I was going to go as far away as I could from this hospital and from Sam.

All this girl did was cause me problems. I shouldn't have offered to take her home that night at the movie premiere. I shouldn't have gone into her flat. I shouldn't have told her to talk to me. I shouldn't have stayed the night. I shouldn't have done any of these things but I did and now I had wasted a week of my vacation in the fucking hospital. Why did I spend all that time waiting for a girl I barely know to wake up? What was the point in that? There wasn't a point. I could have been doing so many things in that week I wasted. I could have been with so many girls. I'm Harry Fucking Styles for christ's sake. Why was I wasting my time with some poor depressed suicidal girl?

I drove to some club that everyone seemed to be at and parked a couple blocks away. I got out of the car and started walking towards the line. Once some girls saw me, they started screaming and fangirling. One of the was really pretty. She had long wavy blonde hair. She looked a lot like Samantha. No Harry. Don't even go there. Don't even think about her.

"OMG! You're Harry Styles!" The girl beside her screamed. I chuckled.

"Yea, love, I know." I walked up to the blonde one and her eyes grew huge.

"What's your name babe?" She seemed surprised that I was talking to her.

"Um...Rebecca." She said, still surprised.

"Come with me Rebecca." I pulled her out of line and we began walking to the front of the line. It was a really long line and there were so many people. Once people starting noticing me, it was REALLY loud. I walked up to the bouncer at the entrance.

"Hi I'm Harry Styles." I pulled out my ID and showed him. He let me through, but tried to stop Rebecca. "She's with me mate." He let her through and we walked in. The music was loud and the smell of alcohol was in the air. Perfect.

"It would have been forever before I could get in! Thank you so much!" She had a slight southern accent so I guessed she wasn't from around here.

"No problem love. You want a drink?"

"Yes please."

We spent the majority of the night drinking and man that girl could hold her liquor. We danced a lot and drank some more. The more I drank, the hornier I got and the more I wanted to take this girl home. She was dancing with some other girls she apparently knew, so I walked over to her.

"Hey babe, you wanna go back to my place?" I said in her ear. She looked at me with lust in her eyes. She smiled a cheeky smile and nodded. We walked out of the club and there was still a really long line and people still screamed and freaked out when I walked by. Then I realized that I couldn't drive. So I hailed a cab and we climbed inside. The second the door shut, she was all over me. She kissed me hard and straddled me. I kissed her back, but something felt off.

"Where to?" The cab driver seemed a bit amused.

"Um.." I didn't know the address of my hotel.

"The Belvedere Hotel. 319 W 48th St." She said. I was right, she wasn't from around here, she was staying in a hotel.

When we arrived at her hotel, we went up to the third floor. It took her three times to put her key in the slot. I was getting impatient and I was slowly becoming sober. If I became sober then I would start thinking too much. And that would be very bad if that happened.

When she finally got the door open, she pulled me inside and then pushed me on to the bed. The light was on and for the first time I got a good look at her. She had makeup caked on her face and her hair seemed fake. She kept kissing me and trying to take my shirt off. I let her take it off and then my jeans. But when she took her dress off and began taking her bra off, I realized how wrong I was. I was almost completely sober by now and I realized that I didn't really want to do this. I tried to get up, but she just pushed me down and continued undressing. She was even worse with her clothes off.

She tried to take my boxers off, but I didn't want her to. I did not want to do this anymore. She got up and I looked away, I did not want to see this. She got something out of her dresser. I guess she was staying here for a while because she had complely unpacked. She held something behind her back as she walked back to me. She climbed back on the bed and stradled me again, grabbing my arms and putting them above my head. I closed my eyes, thinking she was going to kiss me again when I heard a metal clinking and something around my wrist. I looked up and saw that she had handcuffed me to the headboard with fuzzy handcuffs. She did the same with my other arm. Shit. I was stuck now.

She took my boxers off and straddled me again. She placed her self on my tip and slowly lowered herself on me. She was really loose. God I hoped I didn't get a fuckig STD from this slut. She started going up and down. I wasn't getting any pleasure from this, but apparently she was from the moans she was letting out. They were loud. I wanted to shut her up but my hands were stuck. I did not want this but I had no way to stop her.

She finised after about ten minutes of that, and seemed upset that I hadn't finished with her. So she put me in her mouth. She was not very good at it and it wasn't doing anything for me. After about five minutes of this she was clearly upset that I still hadn't been aroused.

"Rebecca this isn't going to happen anytime soon. Please just let me go."

She was mad, but listened to me. As soon as she let my hands free, I got dressed as fast as I could and I was out the door. God that was disgusting.

I walked out to the street and got a cab, asking them to take me back to the club so I could get my car. As soon as I got there, I got in my car and went back to the hotel we were staying at. When I walked into the room, it was empty. I guess the boys were still at the hospital. I checked my phone. It was only 11. I had left the hospital about 2 hours ago. Wow. It seemed so much longer than that. I sighed, they boys would probably be back soon. I decided to take a shower to get rid of all that slut's germs. I took about a 20 minute shower. When I got out, I noticed the boys still weren't home. I put on some boxers and some pj pants, then walked out into the living room area. I decided to watch some tv before I went to bed. I ended up falling asleep just a few minutes later.

*Niall's POV right after Harry left*

I can't believe Harry had said all that. Hadn't he just said 15 minutes ago that he cared so much about Sam and that he got her and I couldn't have her?

The boys walked in not much later.

"What's up with Harry? He seemed really mad about something." Louis asked as soon as he walked in.

"He was pissed cause Sam didn't wake up. He said he didn't know why he had wasted his time on some girl that he barely knew." I explained. I was pissed at Harry for just walking out on Sam like that. From what Harry had told me, she didn't have anyone anymore. She needed us to be here for her.

"He didn't mean that. I can tell he likes her from the way that he stares at her all the time." Liam said.

"Yeah I know. I have no idea where he went. Did he text any of you?"

They all checked their phones then shook their heads. That was really odd. He usually texted one of us, usually Louis, where he was going. Oh well. He didn't need to be here anymore thats for sure.

We all started to talk and joke around, then we decided to play cards. We played for a while, it was about 11 when we heard something.

Someone was groaning. My head snapped up to Sam. She had a look of discomfort on her face. She was waking up! I quickly got off the floor where we were all sitting and ran over to her bed.

"Sam??" I was really nervous. What if this was another false alarm? She groaned again and her eyes fluttered. I quickly pressed the call button.

Her eyes opened for a moment and I caught a glimpse of her gorgeous blue green eyes.

"Sam love can you wake up?" I pratically begged her. The other boys were standing around her bed too, looking as hopeful as I felt. I heard Bailey walk in again.

"What's going on? Is she okay?" She walked up to her bed.

"I think she's finally waking up! She opened her eyes for a minute." I told her excitedly.

"Well even though she's been in a coma this whole time, she's going to be really tired. She'll probably be tired for a while after she wakes up."

All I wanted her was to wake up, to come out of her coma.

"Samantha, can you please open your eyes? Please?" I said a little louder.

"Niall." She said really quietly. My heart was racing. She was awake! She knew it was me!

"Yes princess?"

"Shut up." She said. Everyone laughed, including Bailey.

I chuckled. "Sorry love, I'll be quieter. But can you open your eyes?"

She slowly opened her eyes. She looked insanely tired.

Words cannot explain how excited and happy and grateful I was that she was awake and she was okay. She looked at all of us and smiled.

"What are you all doing here? What happened?"

"You don't remember?"

"I remember most of what happened, but I meant what happened after I blacked out."

"Harry rode with you in the back of the ambulance. You went into cardiac arrest. Then when they got you here it happened again, twice. You lost a lot of blood Sam."

She was quiet. "Where's Harry?"

I looked up at the other boys. I didn't want to tell her right after she just woke up.

"Niall just tell me, and don't bother lying please."

"He um... he left. About two hours ago."

"Oh. Where'd he go?"

"We don't really know, he didn't tell us or text us or anything."

"Oh. Well then. Why are you all here if it's so late?"

"We're usually here this late." Louis told her looking a little proud.

"What do you mean usually? How long have I been out?"

"A little over a week love." Liam told her.

"What?!?!? Oh my god. Mr.Biggs is going to kill me." She covered her face with her hands.

"Sam, he's not going to kill you. The fact that you're in the hospital has been all over the news since you were fist admitted."

She uncovered her eyes, and they were huge. "You mean everyone knows about what happened?!"

"No no, calm down. We told them that you fell in the bathroom and hit your head really hard and you had a really bad concussion."

She looked really relieved "And they believed it."

"Yep. No paparazzi are allowed in the hospital so theres no pictures of you to prove us wrong." Zayn explained. I realized that Bailey had been patiently waiting for us to finish explaining everything to her so she could check her.

"Sorry Bailey." I said, I felt really bad for being in her way.

"No no, I wanted you guys to be the ones to explain everything to her. It's better than me trying to explain it." She laughed. "But I'm going to need you all to step out so I can check her.

We all walked out of the room. The boys were really tired, so they decided to go home.I was staying here so I could talk to Sam. It was only about 5 minutes later when Bailey stepped back out.

"Okay, the doctor is going to check her out and he'll tell you when she'll be able to leave."

"Thank you so much!" I told her as I started to walk back into her room.

She still looked really tired, but was staying awake so she could talk to us.

"Hi Sam." I said, grinning at her. She smiled back at me. God her smile was amazing.

"Hi Niall. I'm so sorry that you've been wasting your vacation on me. You didn't have hang around here so much."

"I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to." I walked over and sat in the chair that Harry normaly sat in. That reminds me, I was going to kill him when I saw him again. I quickly pulled my phone out. I texted all of the boys, telling them not to tell Harry that Sam was awake. They all replied almost instantly, agreeing. Harry was being an ass, he didn't deserve to know that she was awake yet.

"But why Niall? You barely know me." She seemed a bit confused.

"Yeah I know, but I really like you Sam. And I want to get to know you." I told her, grabbing her hand. I didn't want her to be with Harry, he had already hurt her, I could tell. Plus, he always got the girl. It was my turn.






(A/N) this is a really long chapter ahaha. But it had A LOT of drama in it. Harry is really pissing me off right now >:( I know I said that I wouldn't be able to update, but my dad let me bring the laptop to his gf's house. So I'll probably be posting another chapter tonight.

Thank you so much for reading!!!!!!! Please keep commenting, favoriting, and liking! I love all of your comments :) thanks x


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