I'm In Love With You

Samantha has had a rough life. From being abused by her parents, to living on her own at 17. When she gets a recording contract from a big agency, she beings a new lifestyle. She meets many new famous people and has many short "relationships" with them. When she meets One Direction, she thinks will be just like every other relationship she's ever had. She expects them to use her and have nothing more than a one night stand. Falling in love is not an option.


13. Anger

*Harry's POV*

I needed to apologize to Sam for just leaving her in the hospital like I did. That was such an asshole move. But I didn't want to tell her about that Rebecca chick. That was such a mistake. I didn't know how she'd react. When her and Niall walked into the room, everyone gave her hugs and everything. I asked her to come with me into the bedroom and she hesitantly agreed. 

We sat down on the bed and she stared at me with her gorgeous eyes, waiting for me to say something.

"Sam...I just wanted to tell you that I was really sorry for leaving you in the hospital like I did. That was really stupid of me, I was just mad and I made some stupid mistakes."

"Harry, I understand why you left. I really don't blame you. I love that you stuck around as long as you did, it really means a lot to me." She was forgiving me? That's all it took? Now I wasn't as nervous about telling her about Rebecca.

"I also did something kinda bad. I feel really bad about it though. But when I left the hospital, I went to some random club and I met this chick and well... we got drunk and went back to her hotel room. Once i sobered up a little, I realized that this was a big mistake and I didn't want to do it. But she literally forced herself on me. I'm really sorry Sam." 

She laughed. She actually laughed. I was calming down.

"Sweetie, that's what you felt so bad about? I really don't care, I mean it's not like we're dating." She giggled again.

"I really regret doing it. I didn't even know the girl. Her name was Rebecca. She was actually really ugly and a really big whore."

She stopped laughing all of a sudden and looked really mad. What had I said?

"Wait, Rebecca? Rebecca Macentire?"

"Yeah, I think that was her name. Do you know her?"

"You fucking hooked up with Rebecca Macentire?!"

"What's wrong with that?! Who is she?!"

"I fucking hate her guts. She works at the music company I work for, and she's fucking like everyone in the building. She always does stuff and blames it on me, she steals any guy that I like and tells them shit about me. She's spread so many rumours about me, it's not even funny." Shit I had made a big mistake and I didn't even realize it. I didn't know how to make this better, it was getting out of control.

"Sam, I'm sorry! I didn't know! She mentioned you, but I thought you guys just worked together or something."

"What did she say about me?!"

"I don't remember, Sam I was drunk out of my mind!"

"God I can't believe you fucking hooked up with Rebecca Macentire. That's just fucking fantastic. I won't hear the end of this at work."

"I'm sorry!" Great. This was just fucking great.

"Whatever Harry." She got up and stormed out of the room and I followed her out, wanting to tell her I was sorry again. She ignored me and went to sit in between Niall and Louis.

Fuck. I wasn't going to have my chance with her. This was fucking perfect. Then, I noticed Niall and Sam holding hands. What? He was looking at her like he was the happiest guy in the world. No. NO! He took my girl! I told him I had dibs and he fucking went after her anyways. What the fuck was his problem?! I walked over to the couch and pulled him up by his shirt collar. He looked scared and confused.

"I fucking told you to stay away from her, SHE'S MINE!" I let go of his shirt and swung my fist at his face. I hit him in the face and he went down. Then Sam went after me and punched me in the stomach. Damn that girl could hit. Then she went and kneeled beside Niall. He fucking got what he deserved. She gave me the death glare.




(A/N) sorry this chapter is short, I got distracted by all the Haylor drama ( I do not ship them at all!!!!) and I didn't get a lot of time to write. Wednesday is the first day of thanksgiving break, so I'll be able to update a lot!!!!! :D this is going to be your last chance to vote for team Niall or team Harry! Next chapter will be the deciding chapter! So please vote, right now Niall is winning! Kik me: maddimonsterr if you want to be in the story or if you have ideas or anything!!!!! thanks so much for reading!!!!! please keep commenting, liking, and favoriting!!!!!! thanks x

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