1D Imagines!!

I'm writing imagines for anyone!! All about 1D. I can't do dirty ones, sorry. But you can tell me if you want it long or short. I just need a description of what you look like and what boy you want it with. I also need to know if you have a preference for the setting of the imagine. Thanks:)xx


5. Niall for Katja

You are going on a date with Niall. You have been dating for a few years and he has never been this secretive about your dates. He is taking you  to dinner but won't tell you where. When he gets to your apartment he takes your hand and gently kisses it, making you blush. You go out to his car and head to where he's taking you. Nando's, of course. 
You go in and find a table, grinning when you see that the table had been reserved. Niall smiles back at you and says,"I love you babe."
"I love you Nialler."
"On a scale of one to ten how much do you love me," you ask him. 
"Sideways eight," he says. 
"Okay, that was clever."
Just then the waitress comes and takes your orders. She comes back about twenty minutes later with your food. As you're eating Niall reaches over the table to wipe something off of your face making you blush. "Katja, you look so cute when you blush," he says, making you blush even more. 
You finish eating and as you're walking out the door Niall stops you and gets on his knee. He then says,"Katja, I love you so so much, more than anyone in the world, will you marry me?"
You are speechless so you just nod and he puts the ring onto your finger. Niall kisses you lightly and asks,"So what should we do now, future Mrs. Horan?"

A/N: hey Katja, I'm so sorry it took so long but here it is, I hope you like it. 
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