1D Imagines!!

I'm writing imagines for anyone!! All about 1D. I can't do dirty ones, sorry. But you can tell me if you want it long or short. I just need a description of what you look like and what boy you want it with. I also need to know if you have a preference for the setting of the imagine. Thanks:)xx


4. Liam for Arianna

You are on a vacation in London with your best friend. You've been shopping all day when all of a sudden you hear screaming. You see five boys run around a corner with a large crowd of screaming girls following them. The crowd is coming toward you. You look at your friend and you both say,"One Direction! Wait, we gotta move."
But it's too late, soon you are both on the ground and you lose your best friend in the crowd. "I'll find her later, first I gotta get out of here," you think before you feel someone grab your arm and you blackout. 
You wake up in and unknown vehicle laying in a bunk bed. You hear voices coming from another part of the vehicle when someone opens the curtain hiding the bed for privacy. Standing before you is Liam Payne.  "Hello love, come on down, your friend is here too, she woke up about ten minutes ago," he says,"What's your name?"
"Arianna," you say. 
"That's a beautiful name Arianna," he says making you blush,"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Do you want one?"
"How about you be mine?"
"Okay," you say, blushing even more. 
*Five years later*
You and Liam are married now and have a son. 
You snap out of your thoughts and run to your three year old son thinking something's wrong. 
When you run into his room he says,"Look mommy."
He's pointing to a piece of paper on his desk do you walk over to look at it. He had written 'Mommy'. You turn to him and say,"Very good, you've been practicing."
"I'm hungry mommy," he says. 
"Alright, come on let's get a snack."
You spend the rest of the day playing, singing and dancing with your son. 
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